YAG 1064nm Laser

The YAG 1064nm laser is a long-pulse laser that can safely be used on all skin types. It is particularly known for its ability to be used on those who have skin type IV on the Fitzpatrick scale—i.e., those who tan well without burning. This laser has quick repetition rates and a large coverage area, resulting in faster treatments. Patients have noticed that there is slightly more discomfort with this laser opposed to others, but its longer wavelength allows the laser to penetrate deeper layers of the skin, making it more effective than other medical lasers used for hair removal.

Advantages of the YAG 1064nm Laser

  • It works on every skin type – Most medical lasers are ineffective on tanned or naturally dark skin because the lack of contrast makes it difficult for the lasers to target the melanin. The YAG 1064nm Laser is the only laser that has been proven to be effective on all skin tones.
  • Hair grows back slower – Studies have shown that those who were treated with a YAG 1064nm Laser had a significant delay in hair growth between sessions. Patients underwent treatments less frequently and weren’t forced to use other hair removal methods before their next laser session.
  • Larger coverage – Since the YAG 1064nm laser covers a larger area with each pulse, treatments are much shorter than those with other lasers. This gives patients more time to enjoy their hair-free results.