We’re treating both atrophic and hypertrophic acne scars that can damage the texture and the tone of your skin. These acne scars are nearly impossible to cover up, leaving those who suffer from them with very few options when it comes to reducing their appearance. Laser acne scar removal is one of the only treatments that can eliminate your acne scars and completely transform the surface of your skin.

Acne scar removal with True Laser

As the only True Laser specialists, at Body Details we’ve developed the highest standards for laser skin rejuvenation. All of our laser technicians hold medical degrees and are experienced physician’s assistants and advanced registered nurse practitioners. Additionally, they are certified as laser technicians by us at Body Details as well as by laser manufacturers.

At Body Details we use the industry’s leading laser for acne scar removal. The PicoWay Resolve laser allows our medical laser technicians to customize a treatment plan specific to your acne scarring type and level of skin sensitivity. As fractional lasers, they are able to target areas where scarring has occurred without affecting the surrounding skin. It’s for this reason that there is little or no downtime after each treatment.

What to expect with laser acne scar removal

Our True Laser procedure provides the most sophisticated laser skin rejuvenation technology on the market. As a noninvasive procedure, there are numerous advantages you can expect:

  • Treatments require little or no recovery time
  • They’re done in less than 20 minutes on average
  • They will eliminate the appearance of acne scars
  • Skin tone and texture will dramatically improve
  • They stimulate collagen production and healthy skin healing
  • They provide results after just one treatment

Types of acne scars that can be treated

After a blemish forms and damage is done to the outer layer of the skin, the body reacts by producing collagen to promote healing. Those who suffer from severe acne don’t always heal properly, resulting in scars. At Body Details we strive to eliminate the acne scars that leave the texture of your skin uneven with large bumps or pitted marks. These are the most common types of acne scars treated by lasers: Atrophic Acne Scars

Atrophic acne scars appear as dents or pitted marks on the skin’s surface. They form when the body forces collagen to leave the area where a blemish has popped up, rather than producing more collagen to heal the skin damage. The result is atrophic acne scars that appear in three different variations:

  • Ice-pick acne scars appear on the skin in the form of deep, narrow, pitted scars that are commonly found along the cheekbone and chin.
  • Rolling acne scars appear on the skin in wave-like depressions on the skin, giving it an uneven texture and appearance.
  • Boxcar acne scars appear on the skin as round or boxy depressions with steep vertical sides that are far wider than ice-pick acne scars.

Hypertrophic acne scars

Hypertrophic scars will develop when an overproduction of collagen occurs in response to skin damage caused by a cyst or blemish. The healing process will form clumps near the skin’s surface. This result is lumpy, uneven skin texture that’s impossible to cover up. Those who are prone to keloids are more likely to develop hypertrophic acne scars, and they most commonly form on the chest and facial area.

How laser skin rejuvenation works’ for acne scar removal

Using the PicoWay Resolve lasers’ advanced technology and the customized treatment plan devised by our licensed medical laser technicians, we’re able to target the damaged skin cells that form acne scars. They create microscopic wounds that destroy damaged skin cells, allowing the body to naturally produce new, healthy cells that aren’t affected by skin imperfections. Additionally, laser skin rejuvenation increases collagen production, which will help to fill in atrophic scars, ultimately making them less visible.

Getting rid of frustrating acne marks has never been easier with laser skin rejuvenation acne scar removal. Fast treatment allows many people to schedule their laser sessions during their lunch break or on their way home from work. You’ll experience no side effects more than slight redness or irritation, and you’ll see results after just one treatment!