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DirectionsOur laser skin treatment office in Coral Gables is conveniently located one block North of the Equinox fitness facility and the Shops at Merrick Park on the corner of Le Jeune and Bird Road.

Areas we serve:
South Miami • Glenvar Heights • Westchester • University Park

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Services offered by Body Details Coral Gables

Come see the experts at Body Details True Laser® Centers in Coral Cables if you’re searching for premier laser treatment near you. We offer a wide variety of treatments to meet all of your skincare needs at our brand new location. Our goal is that every patient leave our office feeling confident and full of self-love, satisfied with the condition of their skin.

Are you looking for laser hair removal near you? We have treatments that permanently eliminate body hair from head to toe. Do you have a tattoo from years past that you wish you could get rid of? At Body Details in Coral Gables, you’ll find the most effective laser tattoo removal near you. What about fine lines, age spots, sun spots, or acne scars? We also offer premier laser skin treatment in Coral Gables. No matter what your skin type, hair type, or kind of tattoo, we are here to ensure that you see results upon completion of treatment.

Take Advantage of Our Valuable Promotions

Many individuals worry about the cost of laser treatment in Coral Gables and the surrounding areas, but here at Body Details, we believe that anyone who wants to feel comfortable in their skin should have the opportunity to do exactly that. We offer continuous promotions that provide excellent value to our customers.

Current promotions include:

  • Free consultation to discuss your treatment goals
  • Up to 70% off laser hair removal
  • Up to 50% off laser tattoo removal
  • Up to 50% off laser skin rejuvenation treatments
  • Up to 50% off laser scar reduction treatments
  • Free touch-ups for life*

*Terms apply.

Why Choose Body Details True Laser® Centers

When seeking laser treatment in Coral Gables, there is no better option than Body Details. Not only do we offer a free lifetime guarantee, which provides touchups for life at no additional cost to you, but there are countless other aspects of our service that set us apart from the rest.

  • We are the only True Laser® specialists
  • Only Advanced Practice Registered Nurses or Physician Assistants with master’s degrees administer treatment
  • We use lasers that are specially calibrated based on your skin type and sensitivity
  • Each treatment plan is customized based on your unique goals and needs
  • We are rated #1 for laser treatment for both men and women
  • We use the strongest medical laser approved by the FDA for the best results
  • Certified medical professionals design our treatment methods
  • We offer flexible payment plans
  • We have extended hours and weekend appointments available

Laser Treatment Services at Body Details Coral Gables

Not only do we perform the most effective laser hair removal in Coral Gables, but we provide a range of other treatments to help bring out the best in your skin. Our procedures require little-to-no downtime, and many sessions are completed very quickly.

Laser Hair Removal in Coral Gables

At Body Details, there is almost no area of the body that we can’t treat with laser hair removal. We offer treatment options for the eyebrows, facial hair, chest, neck, back, arms and underarms, legs, and bikini line. Additionally, for those looking to remove hair in their most sensitive areas, we offer a Brazilian laser hair removal treatment. Throw away your razors, never book another waxing appointment, and say goodbye to the hassle and headache of self-hair removal when you complete our laser hair removal treatment process.

What to Expect

Each individual is unique, and no two skin or hair types are the same. Your laser hair removal plan at Body Details in Coral Gables will be personalized to meet your needs and goals. Our lasers are adjusted based on the location of the body hair you are looking to eliminate, how coarse the hair is, the position of the follicle, and the sensitivity of your skin.

We use cooling technology throughout treatment before each laser pulse, greatly minimizing pain. You will require multiple treatments approximately eight to twelve weeks apart. If you’re looking to treat a small area, such as the upper lip, your session may last as little as one minute. For larger areas, each session may last as long as an hour.

Laser Tattoo Removal in Coral Gables

Regretting the decisions of years past and looking for laser tattoo removal near you? You don’t have to live with body ink forever, despite what you may have heard. Here at Body Details, we effectively remove nearly all tattoos using the PicoWay True Laser. Over time all tattoos fade to a certain degree, but we speed up the process and promote the process of ink removal.

What to Expect

The process of your laser tattoo removal will depend on a variety of factors. How large the tattoo is, what ink was used in the tattoo originally, whether there is shading in the tattoo or un-inked space in the total area, your skin tone and type, and what area of your body you are having treated. Individuals generally require at least five sessions to erase a tattoo, though sometimes more. You will need to wait approximately eight to ten weeks between each treatment session to allow your body time to heal.

Laser Skin Treatments in Coral Gables

If you’re looking for laser skin treatment near you, here at Body Details, we have a lot to offer. We see patients who come in with lots of requests and skincare goals. We can effectively treat a vast majority of requests that patients are looking to treat. Skin rejuvenation treatments allow your skin to look as young as you feel, reducing fine lines, wrinkles, and age & sunspots. Your skin will become tighter and more radiant as our laser treatment promotes collagen and elastin production, and you will likely see results in as little as one treatment.

Additionally, our laser specialists can treat acne scars, skin discoloration, freckles, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, and much more—all with a non-invasive procedure.

What to Expect

Laser skin treatments are typically completed in a very short amount of time. In fact, you can complete a session in as little as twenty minutes with minimal disruption to your day. Adverse reactions happen rarely, if at all, and are usually very mild and short-lasting. You may feel a slight burning sensation or experience slight redness immediately following treatment that usually resolves within 24 hours.

Laser Scar Reduction

At Body Details in Coral Gables, we offer laser scar reduction treatments. Whether you have scars from surgery, an accident from the past, or anything else that left a mark on your skin, come see our medical team to evaluate what we can do for you. We can formulate a treatment plan for scar reduction that can help those marks fade away.

What to Expect

Our laser specialists will evaluate your scar. All scars are different; some appear red and some appear white and raised. You may have a scar that has greatly faded but left a blemish or indentation in your skin. We take all of these things into account, along with the location of the scar and your skin type, when developing a course of treatment that best suits your needs.

Preparing for Your Free Consultation

Preparing for your consultation is easy. Give us a call or complete our short online form to get started, and a Body Details True Laser® specialist will get in touch shortly. With appointment times that extend past the regular business day, and weekend appointments available, schedule a time that works best for you. No time off from work required. And remember, your consultation is free.

When you come into the office, be prepared to discuss your laser treatment goals with our medical professionals. They will examine the area and provide an expert recommendation for treatment. You will receive pricing and have the opportunity to discuss our payment plans. It’s as simple as that. Schedule your first treatment session, and you’re ready to go.

Directions and Location Our laser skin treatment office in Coral Gables is conveniently located one block North of the Equinox fitness facility and the Shops at Merrick Park on the corner of Le Jeune and Bird Road.


301 Altara Avenue, Suite 101

Coral Gables, Florida 33146

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If you are looking for laser hair removal, laser tattoo removal, or laser skin treatment in Palm Beach Gardens, schedule your free consultation with Body Details True Laser® Centers today. Call our Palm Beach Gardens office at 561-694-0963 or complete the quick form online and we will be in touch shortly.
Client Reviews

Have been going here for two years. Always friendly front desk staff, whether in person or on the phone. Clean, modern, and bright inside. Lorie has been performing laser treatments on me for the past 3 sessions and she is down to earth, friendly, medically knowledgeable, and careful. She is a stickler for perfection, and for that, I thank you! 😀 See you at my next appointment.

Ally Bagenholm

The staff here is very welcoming and professional! I went in for a consult on a tatto of mine to be removed, I felt very comfortable and not pushed into anything! All my questions were answered I felt I was in good hands. Rachel is the best she is very sweet and will talk you through the process she took her time I didn’t feel rushed I barely felt a thing with the cold air ! You won’t regret coming here if your thinking about a tattoo removal!

Kim Paino

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