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    Wasting time and money on waxing or shaving your underarms ? Body Details will give you the freedom to go sleeveless and get out the door faster! Best of all, you will not have to endure the pain of waxing over and over again. Most patients report that underarm laser hair removal entails very minimal, if any, pain. And at Body Details, we use cooling technology before and during treatment to ensure you remain comfortable throughout each session.
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      Save Time with Underarm Laser Hair Removal

      Underarm laser hair removal is a popular request at Body Details, since maintaining underarm hair is tedious and embarrassing when forgotten. By permanently removing underarm hair, you’ll have one less thing to remember to take care of in the shower. Whereas shaving and other hair removal methods can cause skin irritation and redness, laser hair removal improves the quality of your skin. Body Details performs underarm laser hair removal for men and women. When you want to stay smooth, we make it happen. Whether you're looking to hit the sand for a game of beach volleyball or step out on the town, with permanent laser hair removal your underarms can be hair-free.

      Save Money with Underarm Laser Hair Removal

      Everyone wants to save a few bucks, but you probably don't think of your weekly waxing appointments or trips to the drugstore for razors and shaving cream as a major expense. But did you know that over the course of a lifetime shaving and waxing can amount to tens of thousands of dollars? With armpit laser hair removal, you pay one price for your sessions. Forget adding razors to your shopping list, or scheduling waxing sessions. Can you imagine doing that for the rest of your life?! At Body Details, we eliminate underarm hair completely. That means that once your laser hair removal process is complete, so is your spending on shaving and waxing. That's more money in your pocket in the long-run.

      About Our Laser Hair Removal Technology

      At Body Details, we use only best-in-class equipment and the strongest medical lasers approved by the FDA to ensure the best results. The only individuals to administer treatment are licensed medical professionals, including Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs) or Physician Assistants (PAs). They are trained by the medical experts at Body Details as well as the laser manufacturers. What this means is you receive the highest caliber of laser treatment every time you step foot in a Body Details facility. Body Details uses True Lasers that are designed to remove hair by emitting wavelengths of light. These wavelengths are then absorbed by the pigment of the hair, where hair follicles are destroyed without the surrounding skin being damaged. The result? Smooth, flawless underarms. Thanks to our free Devil's in the Details Guarantee*, our clients go year after year without worrying about underarm hair after armpit laser hair removal. *Written terms apply

      Underarm Laser Hair Removal for Women

      Forgetting to shave beneath your arms or putting on a sleeveless top and noticing hair left behind is every woman’s greatest frustration. Noticing it after leaving the house can be embarrassing since underarm hair is always dark and coarse, making it difficult to miss. Shaving, waxing, and other hair removal methods cause bumps, irritation, and require daily upkeep. Laser hair removal is a permanent hair removal method. Women often request underarm hair removal treatments to ensure a flawless appearance in all sleeveless attire.

      Benefits of Underarm Laser Hair Removal for Women

      Women come to Body Details for underarm laser hair removal for many reasons. There are countless benefits to completing the process that reach well beyond having peace of mind and saving money in the long-run. Benefits of armpit laser hair removal for women include:
      • Eliminates razor burn and bumps caused by shaving.
      • Reduces underarm sweat.
      • Saves prep time in the shower.
      • Eliminates stubble from shaving or waxing.
      • Minimizes the redness, irritation, or ingrown hairs that other hair removal methods cause.
      • Saves time on long-term maintenance.
      • Makes underarm skin soft and smooth.
      • Diminishes the burning or irritation that applying deodorant after shaving can cause.
      Another significant benefit to armpit laser hair removal is that shaving always leaves underarm skin dark, no matter how close you shave. This is because shaving does not destroy the hair at the root, leaving a shadowed appearance. With armpit laser hair removal, hair is eliminated directly at the root leaving your skin shadow-free.

      Underarm Laser Hair Removal for Men

      Doctors often tell men who suffer from excessive sweating to consider laser hair removal as treatment. Men can choose to have the hair removed completely or simply thinned out since both will reduce perspiration. Treatment can also help manage coarse, unruly underarm hair, so it’s more manageable and traps less sweat.

      Benefits of Underarm Laser Hair Removal for Men

      Men also reap many benefits from the armpit laser hair removal process. Since sessions are easy, quick, and virtually painless, many find that it's the best option for them. Benefits of underarm laser hair removal for men include:
      • Thins underarm hair to make grooming a thing of the past.
      • Reduces sweat production and body odor.
      • Saves time and money on long-term upkeep and regular maintenance.
      • Provides a cleaner, well-groomed underarm.
      • Leaves skin softer and smoother.

      What to Do Before and after Treatment

      We know that when you schedule armpit laser hair removal sessions, you most likely have questions regarding what to do, what not to do, and how to prepare for treatment. Our laser specialists will go over everything with you during your initial consultation to ensure that you know what to expect and come best prepared for your first treatment session. We typically recommend that you follow these guidelines.

      Before Treatment

      Before treatment, refrain from waxing or plucking any underarm hair for several weeks prior to your first session. You may continue to shave. Additionally, please avoid any direct sunlight for two weeks before your sessions. This allows us to best treat the area for the most effective results. We will most likely ask that you refrain from using beauty and skin products the day of your treatment so that our lasers can best target the hair.

      After Treatment

      After treatment, it is best to continue avoiding direct sun exposure as your skin will be more photosensitive. Following treatment you will likely not require any downtime at all. Rarely, patients do experience slight redness or a tingling sensation in the area that goes away very quickly. If you do experience these mild side effects, you may use a cold compress on the area. If you would like to use a moisturizer, please check with your laser specialist to ensure that it is appropriate for your skin following treatment. Some moisturizers can irritate the skin when it is in a sensitive state. Our laser specialists know the best creams to use and can advise you on what to and not to do after having armpit laser hair removal.

      Treatment Steps

      The process of armpit laser hair removal is both simple and straightforward. First, give us a call to schedule your FREE consultation. A laser specialist will examine your skin, looking at your skin and hair type. Then we will develop a personalized treatment plan based on your unique body. Next, schedule your first laser treatment session. With our flexible scheduling hours, it's easy to fit into your schedule. You don't have to take off work, or worry about spending hours at one of our facilities. Most treatment sessions take less than one hour to complete. After your first session, you will have to wait a minimum of eight weeks to come back, as the process of laser hair removal takes place over a series of sessions. Most people require between five and ten sessions to eliminate hair under the arms. At the end of your series of treatment sessions, you can rest assured your individual results will last. The hair that is destroyed by armpit laser hair removal does not grow back. You can leave the house confident every day that none of the stubble we eliminated will peak out from your sleeves.

      Schedule Your FREE Consultation

      Body Details goes out of its way to make clients feel comfortable. We use the most advanced laser technology to ensure painless hair removal sessions, we offer personalized treatment plans with affordable prices, and we provide a free lifetime guarantee*. Our knowledgeable laser consultants and licensed medical staff will help design a laser hair removal treatment plan for your skin and hair type to guarantee the best results. Go sleeveless without the hassle and schedule a free consultation now. With extended evening hours, weekend appointments, and eleven locations throughout South Florida, armpit laser hair removal has never been more convenient.
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