Save time with underarm laser hair removal

Underarm laser hair removal is a popular request for women at Body Details since maintaining underarm hair is tedious and embarrassing when forgotten. By permanently removing underarm hair, you’ll have one less thing to remember to take care of in the shower. Whereas shaving and other hair removal methods can cause skin irritation and redness, laser hair removal improves the quality of your skin.

About our laser hair removal technology

Body Details uses True Lasers that are designed to remove hair by emitting wavelengths of light. These wavelengths are then absorbed by the pigment of the hair, where hair follicles are destroyed without the surrounding skin being damaged. The result? Smooth, flawless underarms. Thanks to our free lifetime guarantee, our clients go year after year without worrying about underarm hair.

Underarm laser hair removal for women

Forgetting to shave beneath her arms or putting on a sleeveless top and noticing hair left behind is every woman’s greatest frustration. Noticing it after leaving the house can be embarrassing since underarm hair is always dark and coarse, making it difficult to miss.

Shaving, waxing, and other hair removal methods cause bumps, irritation, and require daily upkeep. Laser hair removal is a permanent hair removal method. Women often request underarm hair removal treatments to ensure a flawless appearance in all sleeveless attire.

Benefits of underarm laser hair removal for women:

  • Eliminates razor burn and bumps caused by shaving.
  • Reduces underarm sweat.
  • Saves prep time in the shower.
  • Eliminates stubble from shaving or waxing.
  • Minimizes the redness, irritation, or ingrown hairs that other hair removal methods cause.
  • Saves time on long-term maintenance.
  • Makes underarm skin soft and smooth.
  • Diminishes the burning or irritation that applying deodorant after shaving can cause.

Underarm laser hair removal for men

Doctors often tell men who suffer from excessive sweating to consider laser hair removal as treatment. Men can choose to have the hair removed completely or simply thinned out since both will reduce perspiration. Treatment can also help manage coarse, unruly underarm hair, so it’s more manageable and traps less sweat.

Benefits of underarm laser hair removal for men:

  • Thins underarm hair to make grooming a thing of the past.
  • Reduces sweat production and body odor.
  • Saves time and money on long-term upkeep and regular maintenance.
  • Provides a cleaner, well-groomed underarm.
  • Leaves skin softer and smoother.

Body Details goes out of its way to make clients feel comfortable. We use the most advanced laser technology to ensure painless hair removal sessions, we offer personalized treatment plans with affordable prices, and we provide a free lifetime guarantee. Our knowledgeable laser consultants and licensed medical staff will help design a laser hair removal package for your skin and hair type to guarantee the best results. Go sleeveless without the hassle and schedule a free virtual consultation now by calling us at 866-708-8645.