Laser hair removal will improve your skin

Back hair is not only aesthetically unappealing, it is also the most common area for folliculitis to develop. This is an inflammation and infection of the hair follicles, which causes itchy and painful lesions or ingrown hairs. Back hair can also cause skin blemishes and irritation when sweat becomes trapped in hair follicles during exercise. Body Details offers permanent relief from back hair with laser hair removal that is guaranteed to last a lifetime.

How laser hair removal works on your back

Body Details uses medical grade True Lasers that are designed to remove hair by emitting wavelengths of light that are absorbed by the pigment of the hair. This advanced technology can effectively destroy hair without damaging the surrounding skin. Our True Laser devices also release a cryogenic coolant spray during each pulse of the laser to minimize any discomfort and keep clients as relaxed as possible. And with our free lifetime guarantee, our clients never have to worry about back hair again.

Back Laser hair removal for women

It’s embarrassing but more common than you might think. Women often suffer from dark hair on their lower back and are likely to try many hair removal options that require a fixed mirror or a friend’s help. Unfortunately, the sharp stubble that develops after shaving or waxing can be more embarrassing than the hair itself. Laser hair removal is the only solution that is both permanent and guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Benefits of back laser hair removal for women:

  • Removes hair from hard-to-reach areas.
  • Eliminates the stubble that shaving or waxing can leave behind.
  • Saves time on upkeep.
  • Minimizes the redness, irritation, and ingrown hairs that other hair removal methods cause.
  • Makes skin soft and smooth.
  • Saves money on regular maintenance via other hair removal methods.
  • Eliminates insecurities and makes you feel confident and sexy.

Back laser hair removal for men

Men who suffer from excess and coarse back hair often experience irritation, blemishes, and excessive sweating as well. With laser hair removal from Body Details, men can eliminate these problems and permanently get rid of unwanted back hair. Back laser hair removal allows men to have the hair on the shoulders, lats, or full back removed completely or thinned out. Both will make the body feel lighter and reduce sweat production and irritation.

Benefits of back laser hair removal for men:

  • Improves overall appearance and confidence.
  • Reduces or eliminates the possibility of ingrown hairs, blemishes, and infections.
  • Prevents workouts from being interrupted by sweat-induced irritation or chafing.
  • Significantly reduces sweat.
  • Saves time on constant upkeep.
  • Makes skin softer and smoother.
  • Permanently removes hair from hard-to-reach areas.
  • Saves money that would otherwise be spent on wax treatments and razor blades.

Body Details understands the sensitivity that back hair can cause, so our licensed laser professionals go out of their way to make clients feel comfortable while discussing their unwanted back hair. By using the most advanced laser technology and medical protocols, we ensure minimal discomfort during the laser hair removal process. Our highly trained staff will help create a personalized laser hair removal package for your skin and hair type. We also offer affordable prices and a free lifetime guarantee to ensure that your back remains hair-free. To schedule your free virtual consultation, give us a call today at 866-708-8645.