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      Laser Hair Removal Improves Your Skin

      Back hair is not only aesthetically unappealing, it is also the most common area for folliculitis to develop. This is an inflammation and infection of the hair follicles, which causes itchy and painful lesions or ingrown hairs. Back hair can also cause skin blemishes and irritation when sweat becomes trapped in hair follicles during exercise. Body Details offers a more permanent solution from back hair with laser hair removal that is backed by a free touch-ups for life, free lifetime guarantee*. Laser back hair removal not only rids your body of unwanted hair, but the laser treatment process can help ward off bacteria that causes back acne and breakdowns. It can reduce sweating, leading to fewer clogged pores, black heads, and pimples. *Written terms apply

      How Laser Back Hair Removal Works

      Body Details uses medical grade True Lasers® that are designed to remove hair by emitting wavelengths of light that are absorbed by the pigment of the hair. This advanced technology can effectively destroy hair without damaging the surrounding skin. Our True Laser® devices also release a cryogenic coolant spray during each pulse of the laser to minimize any discomfort and keep clients as relaxed as possible. And with our free lifetime guarantee*, our clients should never have to worry about back hair again. *Written terms apply

      Personalized Treatment Plans

      At Body Details, our laser specialists develop personalized treatment plans for each of our clients. At your FREE consultation we will evaluate the amount of space on your back that requires laser back hair removal, as well as your skin sensitivity and hair type. Your treatment plan will be unique to you. Only licensed medical professionals, including Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs) and Physician Assistants (PAs), administer laser treatment and we calibrate our lasers based on your skin's needs. Calibrated lasers mean that you get the most effective results in the shortest amount of time. Not many other laser treatment facilities can say the same.

      The Devil's in the Details Guarantee*

      One of the best things about Body Details, aside from our expert medical care, FDA approved lasers, and awesome promotions, is our Devil's in the Details Guarantee. With this FREE guarantee on select treatments, you are assured that you get free touch-up laser treatments for life without paying an extra dime. Your skin or hair type may require more treatment sessions than another person's. But that doesn't mean that you should have to pay more. The Devil's in the Details™ Guarantee ensures that you don't have to. Plus, it includes FREE touch-ups for life. You won't find a better deal anywhere else. *Written terms apply

      Laser Back Hair Removal for Women

      It’s embarrassing but more common than you might think. Women often suffer from dark hair on their lower back and are likely to try many hair removal options that require a fixed mirror or a friend’s help. Unfortunately, the sharp stubble that develops after shaving or waxing can be more embarrassing than the hair itself. Laser hair removal is a more permanent and long lasting solution than other methods and at Body Details you can buy with confidence knowing future touch-up treatments are included for free.

      Benefits of Back Hair Removal for Women

      Ladies, stop twisting and turning in the shower to shave your lower back, risking nicks, bumps, and slips. No more painful waxing, either! With laser hair back removal all of these things can be worries of the past. Enjoy smooth, hair-free skin and never sweat stepping out in a bikini again.
      • Removes hair from hard-to-reach areas.
      • Eliminates the stubble that shaving or waxing can leave behind.
      • Saves time on upkeep.
      • Minimizes the redness, irritation, and ingrown hairs that other hair removal methods cause.
      • Makes skin soft and smooth.
      • Saves money on regular maintenance via other hair removal methods.
      • Eliminates insecurities and makes you feel confident and sexy.

      Laser Back Hair Removal for Men

      Men who suffer from excess and coarse back hair often experience irritation, blemishes, and excessive sweating as well. With laser hair removal from Body Details, most men can eliminate these problems and permanently get rid of unwanted back hair. Back laser hair removal allows men to have the hair on the shoulders, lats, or full back removed completely or thinned out. Both will make the body feel lighter and reduce sweat production and irritation. In South Florida, what man doesn't want to sweat a little less and stay cool during the warm months? If you're tired of sweating through your t-shirts, constantly feeling like you need to take a shower, or dealing with itchiness and irritation, back hair removal is the best option. We'll take care of it in no time at all.

      Benefits of Back Hair Removal for Men

      Male patients see many benefits from back hair removal at Body Details. The process makes grooming much less of a hassle and saves time and money. It can give you a boost of confidence and make everyday activities just a little more refreshing–less sweat, less heat, more comfort.
      • Improves overall appearance and confidence.
      • Reduces or eliminates the possibility of ingrown hairs, blemishes, and infections.
      • Prevents workouts from being interrupted by sweat-induced irritation or chafing.
      • Significantly reduces sweat.
      • Saves time on constant upkeep.
      • Makes skin softer and smoother.
      • Permanently remove nearly all hair from hard-to-reach areas.
      • Saves money that would otherwise be spent on wax treatments and razor blades.

      Costs of Laser Back Hair Removal

      If the cost of back hair removal is one of your concerns, think about the money you spend on other treatment methods. Over the years the price of razors, shaving cream, waxing appointments, and hair removal creams adds up. Reports state that using these temporary hair removal methods can cost tens of thousands of dollars over a lifetime. That's a lot of money. When you get laser hair removal at Body Details, you can rest assured that the hair we effectively treat will remain gone forever. Once hair is destroyed by laser treatment it does not grow back, ever. Plus, with our FREE lifetime guarantee you get free scheduled touch-ups for life if you ever notice new hair growth*. That's a deal you can't say no to. *Written terms apply

      What to Expect

      The process of back hair removal is simple. After your FREE consultation, schedule your first appointment. It's best to avoid direct sunlight for two weeks before starting treatment to ensure your skin is in best condition for the lasers to work as effectively as possible. Laser back hair removal sessions may take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour depending on how large of an area you are treating. With the cooling technology we use before and during treatment you will feel little-to-no pain and there is virtually no downtime after sessions. You can leave Body Details and go about the rest of your day!

      Before Treatment

      Before you start treatment we recommend that you avoid waxing or plucking hair on your back for several weeks. You may continue to shave if you wish. In addition to avoiding direct exposure to sunlight we may also request that you refrain from using certain beauty products or lotions in the days leading up to treatment. All of these things ensure that our lasers can best target the hair we are eliminating.

      During and After Treatment

      Laser back hair removal takes place over multiple sessions, with a minimum of eight weeks between each session. This is because each hair follicle has a growth cycle and the lasers work to destroy the hair as it grows. Additionally, your skin needs time to heal and rejuvenate between laser treatment sessions. Between your sessions and after treatment we ask that you continue to avoid direct sunlight to ensure you skin does not get damaged. We also ask that you avoid using moisturizers or products unless our laser specialists and medical staff advise that they are safe. Some moisturizers, soaps, and body washes are not suited for skin that has just undergone laser treatment. If you have any questions, just ask–that's what we're here for! To make your laser hair removal journey as easy and stress-free as possible.

      Schedule Your FREE Consultation

      Body Details understands the sensitivity that back hair can cause, so our licensed laser professionals go out of their way to make clients feel comfortable while discussing their unwanted back hair. By using the most advanced laser technology and medical protocols, we ensure minimal discomfort during the laser hair removal process. Our highly trained staff will help create a personalized laser hair removal treatment plan for your skin and hair type. We also offer affordable prices, flexible financing plans for those who qualify, and a free lifetime guarantee to ensure that your back remains hair-free with our free touch-ups for life*. Our offices have extended evening hours as well as weekend appointments, so you can receive laser treatment on your time. We make it easy to get the smooth, hair-free skin you're dreaming of. Schedule Your FREE Consultation Today. With locations throughout South Florida, there's a Body Details True Laser® Center near you with friendly staff who are standing by ready to make your skincare dreams a reality. *Written terms apply
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