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    Over the years, UV rays take a toll on our skin and when looking into sun spot removal, laser treatment is the best route to take.

    At Body Details, we offer personalized laser skin rejuvenation treatment plans that help address sun spots, as well as many other skin imperfections. In South Florida, we spend a lot of time outside, basking in the sun. It’s only natural that over the course of a lifetime our skin will begin to respond, having these dark marks pop up. However, you can diminish their appearance with sun spot removal laser treatment. Keep reading to find out more.
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      Sun Spot True Laser® Specialists

      You may also hear sun spots referred to as age spots or liver spots, though they all reference the same type of skin blemish. A sun spot is a type of hyperpigmentation, and as we get older they become more common. They may appear as freckles, though they are generally larger. Sun spots are flat, and are a dark tan, brown, or black mark on your skin. Having your skin treated with a specialized laser for sun damage can significantly improve its appearance and reduce these marks. Here at Body Details, we uphold the highest standard of care. We employ medically licensed professionals, including Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs), to administer laser skin treatment. Our APRNs receive extensive training from both the medical experts at Body Details as well as from the laser manufacturers. This ensures that you get the best treatment possible, every time. Additionally, we use the strongest class of medical laser approved by the FDA for all laser treatments. We calibrate our lasers specifically based on your skin type, the type and extent of sun damage we are treating, how sensitive your skin is, and the area of your body we are treating. This ensures that you receive the best results in the shortest amount of time.

      We Are the Only True Laser® Specialists

      We created the highest standards for laser hair removal in the industry. Only a true medical professional will ever administer treatment. Our medical staff are certified by both the Body Details’ team of renowned medical experts as well as the laser manufacturers themselves. This ensures the highest level of expertise through every course of treatment.

      Sun Damage Consultation

      Come into Body Details for a FREE consultation and our laser specialists will evaluate your skin, any sun damage, and help develop a customized sun spot removal laser treatment plan just for you. We will look at your unique skin type, the areas on which your sun spots appear, the size and pigmentation of your sun spots, as well as your skin sensitivity. All of these things will determine your unique treatment plan, as well as how large of an area you are looking to treat. Consultations are always FREE with no obligation. We will provide pricing information and we do offer flexible financing plans for those who qualify. At the end of your FREE sun damage consultation you can schedule your first treatment session and you’ll be on your way to younger looking skin in no time.

      Types of Sun Damage We Treat

      The sun can damage our skin in various ways. While we often get requests from clients for sun spot laser treatment, others experience premature signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles. Still, some individuals get more freckles as they get older due to sun exposure, or develop an uneven skin tone. These are all skin conditions that Body Details can treat with a specialized laser for sun damage. Body Details treats sun damage including:
      • Sun spots, age spots, and liver spots
      • Fine lines and wrinkles
      • Hyperpigmentation
      • Uneven skin tone
      • And more
      If your skin has a type of sun damage you don’t see on the list, schedule a FREE consultation today. We perform many different types of laser skin rejuvenation and can help form a plan to treat your skin.

      Spot Laser Treatment Process

      At Body Details, the sun damage and spot laser treatment process is simple and straightforward. After your FREE consultation where we evaluate your needs, we will advise you on how to best prepare for your upcoming appointment. Generally, the spot laser treatment process does not take more than 20 to 30 minutes, depending on the size of the area you are treating. You can be in and out the door quickly, and go about your day. There are little-to-no side effects and there is no down time required. We will advise that you avoid direct exposure to sunlight for two weeks prior to treatment and throughout the course of your sessions so that your skin does not sustain damage. It is particularly sensitive while undergoing laser treatment. While most clients receive a number of treatment sessions spaced out over a period of weeks, many report seeing an improvement after just one appointment. Some individuals choose to make laser skin treatment part of their regular beauty routine, scheduling routine sessions throughout the year. This can help your skin stay looking its youngest and most radiant. Whether you undergo sun spot removal laser treatment one time to address blemishes you aren’t happy with, or choose to come in regularly for skin rejuvenation services, we know that you’ll be happy with the results.

      Aftercare Tips

      Taking care of your skin post-laser treatment is essential. Our lasers specifically target the skin cells we are treating without causing damage to the surrounding cells, yet your skin will still be sensitive. Follow these aftercare tips for the best experience possible.
        1. Avoid direct sun exposure. This is essential as we are treating sun damage, and your skin is more delicate during this time. Getting a sunburn can negatively impact treatment and it may increase the risk of negative side effects. Wear a hat when you go outside, and cover any areas you are treating with clothing when spending time in the sun. If you plan on spending time outside it’s always a good idea to bring an umbrella with you to provide an area of shade.
        2. Use the correct beauty and skincare products. Not all products are safe to use after sun spot removal laser treatment. Some products, such as moisturizers, body washes, and soaps, contain ingredients that can lead to increased irritation. While it is essential to keep your skin properly moisturized, please only use products that are approved by our APRNs and laser specialists. If you’re unsure about a product that you use, bring it in or give us a call and we can review it with you and provide guidance.
        3. Use cool compresses if irritation occurs. From time to time we do hear clients state that they experience a minor redness or burning sensation after treatment. If this happens, apply a cool compress to the area for several minutes at a time. This side effect typically subsides very quickly and should not result in any down time.
        4. Avoid waxing or threading. If you are receiving treatment on an area that you typically wax or have threaded, such as your legs or face, avoid waxing and threading until you skin is fully healed. Your APRN and the laser specialists at Body Details will advise you on when it is safe to begin having these procedures done again.
        5. Exfoliate your skin gently. As treatment with a laser for sun damage targets the unwanted skin cells and begins to promote collagen production in the area, you will want to gently exfoliate your skin as your body heals. Rather than using rough, abrasive exfoliators that are packed with chemicals and irritants, use a soft washcloth and water and gently rub your skin in a circular motion. Your APRN or laser specialist will advise you on how to properly exfoliate your skin for the best results.
      We may also suggest that you avoid using certain beauty products or makeup either before or throughout your course of treatment. Always ask the specialists at Body Details before adding anything new to your skincare routine while you are receiving sun spot removal laser treatment.

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      At Body Details, our FREE consultations are always no obligation. You will receive a private session with a laser specialist to evaluate your skin’s unique needs and to assess the sun damage you’re looking to treat. We will develop a comprehensive sun spot removal laser treatment just for you. We have extended evening hours, so you can make an appointment after work without it interfering with your schedule and we also have weekend appointments available. It’s easy to get treatment with a laser for sun damage on your time, with no disruption to your day. With eleven locations throughout South Florida, Body Details has performed over a million laser skin treatment procedures on tens of thousands of happy customers. We look forward to helping your skincare dreams come true. Schedule your FREE consultation today!
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