If you have ever considered laser hair removal or laser tattoo removal but wanted more information, we invite you to learn all about the procedure, technology and results in our Body Details videos below.

Laser Services

At Body Details, we want our clients to feel comfortable, informed and most importantly, safe. Trained professionals provide an inside look at how laser services work to help you understand any concerns or questions you might have. Whether you want to learn about the lasers we use, the overall tattoo removal process, estimated tattoo removal pain, the kind of hair that qualifies for laser hair removal sessions, or the results, Body Details will be happy to explain before and during your visit. We encourage our clients to contact us for more information.

Laser Hair Removal Experiences

At Body Details, we offer several skin numbing options, including a cryogenic cooling system that numbs the exterior layer of skin during laser hair removal treatments. Most clients compare the pain of laser sessions to a light “flicking” of the skin, similar to being snapped with a rubber band. To demonstrate the variety of treatments and how laser hair removal works, we interviewed both men and women with different skin types. These Miami fashion and beauty bloggers answer questions about what laser hair removal feels like and whether it works well. Learn about treatment areas including Brazilian laser hair removal in the videos below. These laser hair removal before-and-after stories can help you decide which treatment is right for you, contact us for more information.

Laser Tattoo Removal Experiences

With any new procedure the potential for pain is a factor when making the decision to see a certified professional, here at Body Details we can help ease the fear of laser tattoo removal pain. Like laser hair removal , Body Details offers laser tattoo removal clients several options to numb the skin and increase their comfort. Majority of clients rate the experience to be more tolerable than getting the original tattoo.

We show the tattoo ink removal before, during and after the Body Details laser treatment session. In each video, we used a cryogenic cooling system to increase clients’ comfort level during their laser tattoo removal sessions. Body Details can help you decide if laser tattoo removal is right for you with a free consultation contact us today!

Laser Technology

Today’s laser technology has made great advancements in maximizing results while reducing the amount of time and inconvenience to clients. Body Details was the first laser tattoo removal clinic to use the PicoWay tattoo removal laser system in South Florida, we pride ourselves on keeping up to date with the safest laser technology on the market. When choosing a laser services clinic always be sure to research the offered treatments to protect yourself from burns, scarring or poor results. The laser technology videos below may answer some of your questions, contact us to schedule a free consultation for more information.