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    If you are looking for laser lipo near me to reduce belly fat in a safe and effective manner,
    the medical experts at Body Details will help you reach your goal with laser fat reduction.

    Get ready to step out onto the beach with total confidence or fit into that dress you have in the back of your closet. We use cutting edge laser fat reduction technology to help you banish unwanted belly fat in less time than other market-leading competitors.

    Body Details has served the South Florida community for more than 15 years. We have performed more than one million laser skin procedures and set the bar for having the highest standard of care. You won’t find another facility like Body Details.

    From FREE consultations to a staff that consists of licensed medical professionals (Advanced Practice Registered Nurses and Physician Assistants) who administer treatment, we’re the clear choice when searching for reliable, safe fat laser reduction treatment.

    Laser Lipo Weight Loss Treatment Benefits

    What’s most amazing about the laser fat reduction procedure at Body Details is the efficacy of treatment. Many patients find that other treatment providers simply don’t show results. But we have the numbers to back us up.

    Our medical professionals use the innovative Dominion Aesthetic eon™ body sculpting device, which is cleared by the FDA for laser fat reduction in the abdominal area.

    Fat Reduction Statistics

    The eon™ body sculpting device reduces fat up to 21.6% in a single treatment, on average. One clinical study shows that more than 39% of patients saw between 20% and 45% fat reduction after just one laser lipo treatment.

    These statistics fare much better than other non-invasive fat reduction procedures. While other treatment methods may take multiple sessions, the vast majority of our patients see better results in just one. If you’re looking for laser lipo near me, look no further!

    Benefits of the eon™ Body Contouring Device

    The Dominion Aesthetic eon™ body contouring device is like no other. It can treat 6x the body area compared to other sculpting devices and offers the most precise treatment available. The eon™ uses an autonomous robotic articulating arm to ensure that there is no user error, no missed spots, and no uneven or imbalanced fat reduction.

    Additionally, the eon™ can treat the entire belly area in just one hour, though some sessions may take as little as twenty minutes. The device maps the unique topography of your belly to provide treatment that is entirely customized. The result is laser fat reduction that targets the adipose tissue in the stomach safely, quickly, and effectively.

    The device is entirely contact-free, it does not require the use of applicators or gels, and there is no downtime associated with the treatment. There is truly no other device that performs laser fat reduction like the eon™ on the market. For more information about non invasive laser lipo, contact the professional staff at Body Details.

    Our NON-INVASIVE laser fat reduction vs. INVASIVE, traditional surgery: the difference in risks

    In addition to the precision, comfort, and efficacy of the eon tm body sculpting device, the most significant benefit is the greatly reduced risk. The traditional – meaning invasive – types of lipolysis involve making an incision in your body, inserting a foreign object (a cannula) into the incision, anesthesia, and stitches. Although very, very rare, people die from the complications – like the 6 South Florida people in one year mentioned in this article,, which is why the Board of Medicine warned about it here, – and death is far from the only risk. Our non-invasive procedure eliminates the need for an incision, a cannula, anesthesia, and stitches which can cause complications, so that you need not even take time off from work. Unlike traditional surgery, when you find laser lipo near me this means little to no effects of our procedure, so you can take it easy when you call us to schedule a consultation for non invasive laser lipo!

    What to Expect From Laser Fat Removal Near Me

    During the Laser Consultation

    If you want to feel good in your skin with laser lipo weight loss but have some questions, start with our consultation! Begin with a FREE consultation with one of our trained laser specialists to discuss your goals and desired results. Our specialists will evaluate the area of your stomach and provide a custom laser lipo treatment plan. Next, book your appointment and you’re good to go!

    How to Prepare for Your Consultation

    Preparing for your FREE consultation at Body Details is easy. Schedule a day and time that works for you. We have plenty of availability with extended evening hours and weekend appointments available.

    Wear loose fitting clothing the day of so that our laser specialists can properly examine the area. You may wish to write down any questions you have ahead of time, so you’ll remember to ask them during your consultation. We are here to provide you with detailed answers so you have as much information as possible prior to treatment.

    What to Expect During the Fat Reduction Procedure

    When you arrive for laser fat reduction at our medical professionals will set up the eon™ that adjusts to meet your individual needs. The eon™ uses a cooling system to ensure you remain as comfortable as possible, with little-to-no pain. Then, lay back and relax while the non-invasive fat reduction procedure takes place. You’ll be in and out the door in approximately one hour or less.

    Over the course of twelve weeks you will see results of the procedure. The laser fat reduction process helps your body banish fat cells through its lymphatic system, without the scalpels and painful surgery.

    While individuals will see results after one treatment session, some clients choose to return multiple times a year for additional fat reduction. Your non invasive laser lipo treatment plan will be based on your specific needs.

    How to Prepare for Laser Lipo Weight Loss Treatment

    At your initial consultation our laser specialists will provide you with instructions for how to prepare for your first fat reduction session. They may advise that you avoid using lotions or beauty products on your stomach for a time period leading up to treatment. This is to ensure the eon™ can target fat cells most effectively.

    Additionally, we will provide you with post-treatment instructions. While the non-invasive fat reduction procedure doesn’t require any downtime, we may advise you on tips such as what moisturizers you should or should not use.

    Before & After Laser Lipo Treatment

    fat reduction before & after

    This 3D photo measures the circumference of the abdomen in 3 places. In this example the patient lost 47 mm, 56 mm & 49 mm in the three areas that were measured.

    fat reduction before & after

    In this example, the patient lost 47 mm, 56 mm & 49 mm in the three areas that were measured.

    *Note that the measurements are calculated in millimeters and 25.4 mm equals one inch

    Impressed with our laser lipo before and after photos? We currently provide laser fat reduction at our Boynton Beach, Coral Gables, Fort Lauderdale, Pembroke Pines, and Midtown, Miami locations.

    Get a Free Non Invasive Laser Lipo Consultation Today

    Schedule your FREE laser fat reduction consultation today. There is never a better time than now to start your journey. No need to go searching for laser fat removal near me, because Body Details has many conveniently located clinics! With the most innovative technology, extensively trained medical professionals on staff, and flexible payment plans for those who qualify, there’s no reason not to come into Body Details. Our consultations are always no-obligation–come in and learn more about your treatment options!

    We currently provide laser fat reduction at our Boynton Beach, Coral Gables, Fort Lauderdale, Pembroke Pines, and Midtown, Miami locations, though we will gradually expand new services to additional facilities.

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