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    Regretting that tattoo decision? It’s not too late to change your mind!
    Times change. People change. The person you are now may not be the person you were then. Change history with our permanent laser tattoo removal service at Body Details! If you regret a tattoo of the past, you're not alone. In fact, you're far from it. Some reports state that as many as 78% of individuals with multiple tattoos regret at least one. Nearly 20% of individuals with just two tattoos regret both. Body Details' laser tattoo removal service is here to help. If you're rethinking that ink, don't feel stuck. In a series of sessions, we can erase or fade nearly any old artwork and you'll be back on the path of no regrets.
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      Permanent Laser Tattoo Removal Service

      Is that weird symbol you found out doesn’t actually mean “strength” not working out for you anymore? Maybe your ink has started to fade, lost its shape, or simply doesn't reflect your ever-evolving personality. We get it. As time goes by, people change. You don't have to remain permanently marked with artwork from years past. Our laser tattoo removal service can help revive the new you. The pros at Body Details are laser tattoo removal experts. Our PicoWay True Laser treatments remove tattoos safely, comfortably and faster than any other technology available.

      The Only True Laser® Specialists

      The highest standards for laser tattoo removal services didn’t exist, so we created them. Body Details locations are staffed by medical professionals. All procedures are performed by licensed medical professionals, including Master's Degree holding Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs) and Physician Assistants (PAs), who are certified by both the Body Details team of esteemed Medical Directors and the laser manufacturers themselves. Unlike competitors, we assure you that no one except a true medical professional will ever touch your skin with a laser. We provide our customers with only the best laser tattoo removal service available. We use the best lasers, credentialed staff, and create custom treatment plans based on your individual needs. Body Details has been removing unwanted tattoos for nearly fifteen years. We believe we can erase yours too. We have performed over one million laser hair removal and laser tattoo removal treatments on tens of thousands of happy customers. We offer affordable pricing and payment plans, personalized service, fast and easy treatments, convenient locations and flexible scheduling. Experience the Body Details difference today!

      Why Choose Body Details

      At Body Details, we'll remove your unwanted tattoo or treat you for free until its gone, we guarantee it*. Call 866-708-8645 to schedule your FREE virtual consultation today. When you choose Body Details, you can rest assured that you will receive:
      • Permanent removal of your tattoo or free treatments for life until we do*
      • Affordable pricing and financing plans for those who qualify for services
      • Personalized, expert service by medical professionals
      • Convenient locations and appointments, with extended evening and weekend hours
      • FREE lifetime guarantee*
      *Written terms apply

      What to Know About Our Laser Tattoo Removal Service

      Tattoos aren’t necessarily permanent – we can remove them. Old tattoos fade because your body naturally breaks down the ink over time. Given enough time, your body would completely remove the tattoo on its own. Our laser tattoo removal service simply accelerates this natural process by shattering the ink into smaller and smaller pieces so that it’s easier for your body’s immune system to get rid of the tattoo. Gradually, your body filters the ink out naturally until the majority of tattoos are completely invisible. Unlike commonly used, cheap, one-size-fits-all weaker lasers, our exclusive PicoWay True Laser Class IV medical lasers are the strongest class approved by the FDA. They use multiple wavelengths – adjusted for your particular skin tones and types as well as ink colors, and are clinically proven to be the most effective at safely, comfortably and permanently removing body art.

      Does Laser Tattoo Removal Hurt?

      The majority of our patients say that our laser tattoo removal service feels similar to when they had the tattoo put on. The discomfort is generally minimal. Our highly trained certified medical professionals follow an exclusive, intensely researched treatment protocol that minimizes discomfort while maximizing results.

      Prior to treatment we will generally numb the area with a Zimmer cryogenic device which cools the skin prior to, during, and after laser tattoo removal treatment for maximum comfort. The specialist performing your treatment will adjust the True Laser® based on your ink and skin type for maximum effectiveness. You will wear eye protection during the procedure.

      If you want to experience what it feels like, while we never offer free trials of treatments, we do offer a "test pulse". Using the laser settings which (based upon your particular factors) we would be most likely to start your treatments with, you could experience 2 or 3 laser pulses. It would not possibly be effective at hair removal, and laser settings do increase, but it would at least give you a sense of how a treatment would feel. For a test pulse, you must still follow the pre-treatment instructions found here, because they are not only for safety, but also affect your skin's sensitivity.

      How Long Do Sessions Take?

      At Body Details, most laser tattoo removal sessions take less than 20 minutes. You can be in and out the door in no time. If you are treating a larger area of the body, such as a full back tattoo, sessions may last an hour or more. When you have your FREE consultation with our medical experts, they will estimate how long each of your treatment sessions will take so you are best prepared. You will know what to expect each step of the way. We'll answer all your laser tattoo removal questions!

      The Process of Our Laser Tattoo Removal Service

      Tattoo ink colors will fade after each successive treatment, but it is not uncommon to see no visible change after the first treatment. In some cases, the tattoo may temporarily appear darker in color because the laser treats the deepest ink first. Fading occurs gradually. Each individual’s immune system filters the ink out at a different rate. After treatment, care for the treated area as you would a cut or a blister until it has fully healed. Don’t go swimming and avoid sun or tanning bed exposure. You may schedule your next treatment 10 weeks later. Your specific immune system, the type of ink used and other factors dictate the number of treatments necessary, but most clients require between five and ten treatment sessions. This is something our medical experts will review with you at your FREE consultation. Whether you need face tattoo removal or just want to get rid of some ink you no longer like, you can count on Body Details. Call 866-332-2639 to schedule your free virtual consultation to find out what’s best for you.

      Body Details' Scientific Scale

      At Body Details, there is absolutely no guess-work that goes into determining your laser tattoo removal service. Each tattoo is different and each individual's skin will react differently to the process. We complete a comprehensive evaluation prior to starting treatment to ensure the best possible outcome. The medical experts at Body Details use a scientific scale to determine the minimum amount of sessions your laser tattoo removal process will require. Our goal is to eliminate your ink as quickly as possible, with as few treatments as necessary. We will provide you with a quote for the total cost of your tattoo removal, at one inclusive price. Our laser tattoo removal cost is low and backed by our years of experience.

      Tattoo Variations

      There are several elements that affect how we develop your individual laser tattoo removal service. We will address the size of the tattoo, where it is on your body, the sensitivity of your skin, and the color and type of ink in the tattoo. These are all crucial factors in developing the most effective treatment plan. We will also evaluate how old the tattoo is, how deep the ink is below the skin, and any other areas of concern. For example, a tattoo done outside of a licensed studio may contain different ingredients in the ink that require specific protocols. We will ask a series of questions at your FREE consultation regarding when you got the tattoo, as well as any extenuating circumstances regarding the ink. Then, together, we will come up with a treatment timeline with which you are entirely comfortable.

      South Florida's Premier Laser Tattoo Removal Service

      Unlike med spas, salons and other multi-purpose facilities that offer it as an add-on service, Body Details is the only laser tattoo removal specialist.
      • We use the most advanced, powerful, exclusive PicoWay True Laser technology.
      • We provide the safest and most effective treatments designed and performed by licesned medical professionals.
      • We give you the lifelong satisfaction you are looking for. You will see and feel the difference.

      Schedule Your FREE Consultation Today

      If you are looking for the best laser tattoo removal service in South Florida, schedule your FREE consultation at Body Details today. Your goals are our goals too, and from the moment you step in the door, we begin on the journey of restoring your skin to the state you're imagining. Let's break down that old ink, and put mistakes of the past behind you.
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