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Free touch ups for life with the Devil's in the Details free lifetime guarantee*

    Here at Body Details True Laser® Treatment Centers, there are three things we value above all else: Expertise, Safety, and Trust. This applies to our medical care, staff, treatment protocols, laser equipment, customer service, and so much more. These three elements are deeply intertwined into the fabric of everything we do. It's how we create a laser treatment experience that exceeds our customers' expectations and provides effective and long-lasting results. For nearly a decade and a half, we've been helping patients attain the appearance of their dreams at twelve convenient Centers throughout South Florida and counting. With the highest standards of practice, licensed medical professionals, and FDA-approved equipment, there’s no reason to put off getting laser treatment any longer. When you add in our FREE Devil’s in the Details™ Guarantee, customized treatment plans, flexible financing options, and extended appointment hours, the choice is clear. Body Details is your true laser treatment specialist.

    Why Choose Body Details?

    Selecting a laser treatment provider is a big deal. After all, it’s your skin and body we’re talking about. It’s what you show the world. Before you choose a facility, you likely have questions and concerns you'd like to address. We're here to put your mind at ease and to share with you the many reasons that countless South Florida residents choose Body Details True Laser® Centers for treatment.

    A Seasoned Team

    Each Body Details True Laser® Center is staffed with a compassionate team of individuals with vast experience in the industry. Body Details was founded in 2006 by Claudio Sorrentino, who got his start in the laser skin treatment business after working for a local provider in 2005. Claudio quickly realized that the cosmetic laser services industry could do a lot better to more align itself with patients' interests and their goals regarding treatment results so he decided to start Body Details along with a business partner from a prior venture. Offering the first truly free lifetime guarantee in the industry, Body Details quickly became the leading provider of cosmetic laser services in Southeast Florida and continues to expand. Body Details was named a GrowFL top 50 company to watch and has been listed as an Inc. 5000 fastest growing company in America 3 times to date. Today, each Center has its own board-certified physician specialized in either Dermatology or Plastic Surgery. All laser skin treatment sessions are administered by our licensed medical professionals, including master's degree holding Physician Assistants (PAs) or Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs) with years of experience in their field. This ensures that each of our patients receives the highest quality treatment every time they step foot through our doors. Learn more about Our Team and our Medical Directors.

    Medical Directors & True Laser® Specialists

    Each of our licensed medical professionals undergoes training with the Body Details’ medical experts as well as the laser manufacturers. This ensures that each treatment you receive will be expertly performed. Body Details retains an experienced staff of medical directors and True Laser® specialists to provide the best results.

    Furthermore, each of our treatment providers is True Laser® certified. What this means is that our licensed medical professionals receive continuous and ongoing training and education to ensure they adhere to the highest standards of medical practice.

    Equipment and Laser Calibration

    At Body Details, we use only medical lasers that are approved by the FDA. Other “laser” treatment facilities may use Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) machines, which are not technically lasers at all. IPLs pose a more significant risk of damage to the skin and many are not regulated by the FDA. At our facilities, you will only find true medical professionals using true medical laser devices. Furthermore, each of our lasers is specially calibrated prior to each treatment session. We calibrate our lasers based on your skin type and sensitivity, the area of the body you are treating, as well as your hair type, scar type, or the type of ink in your tattoo. Not all laser treatments require the same wavelength of light, and everyone’s skin responds to laser treatment differently. For this reason, we thoroughly evaluate all of these key elements to design a laser treatment plan that’s just for you. When you seek treatment at a facility that does not use this process, you risk damaging your skin and prolonging the amount of sessions per procedure. We calibrate our lasers to ensure they only target the cells you are treating and do not cause damage to the surrounding skin. Not all laser treatment providers can say this. If you undergo treatment at a facility that does not utilize this process you risk burns, irritation, and inflammation. Let us be your laser treatment guide. We can ensure that you are in the best hands possible at Body Details. As part of the independent review process to become True Laser® Certified, each laser that our treatment professionals use must undergo routine maintenance only with the manufacturer, using certified new or replacement parts. We do this to ensure that our lasers perform at their very best for each service, providing the highest quality of skin treatment available in the industry.

    Dedication to Quality

    Each Body Details True Laser Center adheres to the gold standard of the cosmetic laser treatment industry and is True Laser® Certified. This standard guides the quality of our treatment services, the equipment we use, and our medical professionals and staff. While other facilities and treatment providers may cut corners, failing to utilize the most modern and innovative technology to lower costs, we adhere to a higher level of excellence. When you visit a Body Details True Laser Center, you can rest assured that each medical laser uses Class 4 laser technology bought directly from a True Laser Certified™ manufacturer and follows a strict, specified maintenance schedule. All treatment providers receive regular training by the equipment manufacturer in accordance with a True Laser Certified™ approved protocol. Training logs are made available to be audited and validated by an independent True Laser Certified™ review board to ensure accuracy.

    Guaranteed Results

    One of the best things about Body Details is that we offer a FREE lifetime guarantee on select treatments. Our lifetime guarantee ensures that you receive all of your treatment sessions at one all-inclusive price. Even better, you get FREE touch-ups for life! *Written terms apply

    Free, Private Consultations

    Schedule a FREE consultation at any of our South Florida offices. During your consultation, a laser specialist will discuss your skincare goals and evaluate all of the unique elements that make you, you. Your treatment plan will be tailored precisely based on your hair type, skin sensitivity, the area of your body you are looking to treat, and more, with lasers that are calibrated prior to each treatment to provide the best results. We will create a custom laser treatment package based on your individual needs.
    Your laser treatment plan will include the projected number of treatments necessary to achieve your goal at one all-inclusive cost. Consultations are always free of any obligation.
    Schedule your FREE consultation today and learn more about the Body Details difference. We offer one of the only true permanent laser hair removal LIFETIME GUARANTEES in the industry*.

    The Devil’s in the Detail’s Guarantee at Body Details

    Our Devil’s in the Details Guarantee is FREE and ensures that you receive all necessary laser treatment sessions at one all-inclusive price. Additionally, it gives you FREE touch-ups for life*.

    *Valid on select treatments. Written terms apply.

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    What questions to ask and
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