What You Need to Know about Shaving Your Armpits

For those who shave, armpits are often a pain point. Armpit hair can be unsightly, and even the slightest stubble can cause you to become self-conscious and uncomfortable. However, despite this, many things about shaving the area can be unpleasant. Frequently shaving to get rid of stubble irritates the skin beneath your armpit hair, often leading to razor burn, ingrown hairs, and irritation. Furthermore, improper shaving techniques can cause your armpits to look dark and shadowed, almost like they’re bruised.

Knowing how to shave your armpits correctly can help eliminate these problems–until the hair grows back. The problem of unwanted underarm hair can be gone for good when you choose laser hair removal.

At Body Details, we provide clients with smooth, sexy skin through the laser hair removal process. With more than sixteen years in operation and eighteen convenient locations throughout South Florida (and more coming soon!), our True Laser® specialists have performed more than 1,000,000 laser hair removal procedures. We’re the True Laser® certified experts in the field, with medical professionals conducting each hair removal session.

Keep reading to learn more about whether you should be shaving your armpits and the common reasons people choose to do so. Additionally, we’ll let you know what precautions you should take when shaving your armpit hair, the downsides of using razors, and how the process of our laser hair removal for underarms works.

Should You Shave Your Armpits?

There are several benefits to eliminating armpit hair. Not only can it reduce body odor, which is crucial in places with sweltering heat, but it also often boosts confidence when wearing sleeveless tops and bathing suits.

Your armpits are the site of sweat glands, and when your body releases the sweat, it can get stuck in any armpit hair. When sweat gets trapped, it causes bacteria to grow, adding to your natural body odor and making it worse. Too much hair in the area can even prevent deodorant and antiperspirant from working correctly. On rare occasions, it can even lead to topical yeast infections that require medical attention.

Additionally, armpit hair can get itchy and cause chafing. There’s nothing worse than squirming in your seat trying to beat an itch during a date or meeting at the office. It can be embarrassing and difficult to manage with so much hair in the area. Another reason many choose to shave, armpits specifically, is for athletic reasons. Swimmers particularly prefer to eliminate all body hair for better performance in the water. Runners also find that hair removal improves their game.

Most importantly, whether or not you shave your armpits depends on personal preference. If you like the look of going au-natural, and it doesn’t cause any of the problems mentioned above, there’s no health-related reason you have to shave, armpits included. However, many prefer the appearance of hair-free underarms and enjoy the benefits it provides.

If you’re with the majority of people who shave their armpits, there’s a better, more innovative solution than shaving. Laser hair removal can rid the area of unwanted hair–for good.

Why Do Men and Women Shave Their Armpits?

There are different reasons that men and women shave their armpit hair. For men, the most common reasons relate to the body odor and itchiness factor of having hair in the area. When it comes to women, it’s more of a societal norm. Some reports state that more than 95% of women shave their armpits, while the statistics for men are much lower.

Women most frequently report that they shave for aesthetic reasons–that is, for appearance. They find armpit hair embarrassing, and many feel societal pressure to remain hair-free. Most have been shaving their underarms for so long that it’s simply part of their routine. The thought of letting armpit hair grow out may seem unnatural and uncomfortable.

Men, however, usually cite reasons related to athletic performance and controlling the amount of sweat and body odor in the area. A small percentage do note that they prefer the look of smooth underarms, without sport or functional reasons.

While the reasons that people shave armpits vary, ultimately, everyone faces the same hassle. Armpit hair grows back, irritation occurs, and it becomes an endless cycle of purchasing razors or visiting a waxing center. Over time, this becomes both frustrating and expensive.

The Downsides to Shaving Your Armpits

The skin on your underarms is a particularly sensitive area. You’re more likely to get nicks and cuts in the area, and armpits are famous for getting razor burn. Razor burn can cause deodorant to sting and burn upon application and can increase the itch you’re trying to eliminate in the first place by getting rid of the hair.

Your underarms don’t have the smooth, even skin that’s on your legs or arms, for example. Instead, the skin contains many ridges, may be looser, and can cause more friction against a razor. The result is an irritation that can last for days and bumps that get in the way the next time you go to shave. On-going razor burn that never heals and is repeatedly exposed to a blade can get infected, even causing dangerous infections and abscesses.

Another downside to shaving your armpits is the dark shadows that may appear in the area. Shaving only removes skin at the surface level, meaning that the follicle and a small amount are left where your razor can’t reach. Even though the hair seems to be gone, it’s still lurking and can cause your underarms to look bruised. Many people dislike the look of dark armpits and go to lengths such as skin bleaching or buying expensive beauty products that claim to solve the problem. However, laser hair removal may be the way to go instead.

Knowing how to shave your armpits can play an essential role in minimizing these unpleasant side effects. First, always apply shaving cream. Second, try to use a fresh razor each time as a dull blade increases the risk of razor burn and irritation. Avoid shaving the area if there are already bumps and irritation, and don’t apply deodorant immediately after shaving.

If you’re ready to ditch the blades and wax but still want hair-free underarms, learn how armpit laser hair removal works and the many benefits we provide at Body Details.

How Armpit Laser Hair Removal Works

The most straightforward solution to these problems is armpit laser hair removal. Laser hair removal ensures that the hair will never grow back. You won’t waste money on razors and shaving cream anymore or have to worry about costly waxing appointments. The process treats hair below the surface, directly at the follicle, eliminating hair growth for good.

The process will take a series of short appointments, where a Body Details medical professional will calibrate and adjust a laser based on your unique skin type and needs. We’ll specifically target the area of hair growth and provide you with aftercare instructions for the best results. One of the best things about armpit laser hair removal is that it is relatively painless–many say it hurts less than waxing.

Additionally, laser hair removal requires zero downtime. You can come in for your session and immediately go about your day as planned; no rest is needed. Most sessions take less than an hour and may be as short as 30 minutes.

Even better, when you choose Body Details, you’ll receive our Laser Hair Removal Lifetime Guarantee. Our free touchups for life lifetime guarantee provides you with as many sessions as you medically need for one all-inclusive price, while other centers may charge you per visit no matter how long the process takes. Additionally, we ensure that the hair we treat will never grow back or we will treat you for free until its gone. Once lasers destroy a hair follicle, it’s dead for good and can no longer grow hair. Should hair appear in a treated area (usually the result of new growth from hormonal changes), visit us, and we’ll evaluate the area to see if more treatment sessions are necessary.

Contact us today to schedule a FREE initial consultation and get rid of armpit hair once and for all.

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