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Directions to Body Details laser hair removal Wellington facility: In the Southern Palm Crossing shopping Center, between Starbucks and Outback Steak House in the same Plaza as Costco.

Services offered by Body Details Wellington

Body Details True Laser® Centers provide the best laser treatment in Wellington, Florida. Some have even called it “The best place to get hair removal in South Florida” and “The #1 place!” We offer a wide variety of services, ranging from laser hair removal and laser tattoo removal, to skin rejuvenation and scar reduction services that treat nearly every imperfection and patient concern.

With many sessions lasting under an hour, our laser treatment in Wellington gets you in and out the door quickly, with convenient hours so you get the service you want on your time.

Why Choose Body Details

There are many factors that set Body Details True Laser® Centers apart from the countless other Medspas in the Wellington area. That’s because we’re not a Medspa at all. Our staff has the highest qualifications, we offer the best promotions, and we use only the best, most innovative equipment to treat you skin.

Each treatment is personalized based on your skin type and we pride ourselves on helping our patients see results, empowering them with a sense of confidence. You’ll leave our Wellington office feeling rejuvenated, and ready to take on the world.

Body Details True Laser® Centers Industry Differentiators:

  • All treatments are administered by true medical professionals who have undergone extensive training with a medical expert and the laser equipment manufacturer. Our True Laser® specialists are Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs).
  • We offer extended hours and have weekend availability, so treatment doesn’t have to interfere with your schedule. Your treatment on your time.
  • Our lasers are calibrated prior to treatment based on your skin’s unique needs.
  • We use the strongest class of medical lasers approved by the FDA.
  • We offer flexible payment plans to meet your budget for those who qualify.
  • Receive a FREE consultation with no obligation.

The number one thing that sets Body Details True Laser® Centers apart from all the other laser treatment facilities in Wellington is that we offer a FREE TOUCHUPS FOR LIFE guarantee.*

When you receive laser skin treatment at Body Details’ Wellington office (or any other Body Details location), you receive our Devil’s in the Details Guarantee. The free lifetime guarantee promises free touch-ups for life on specific services. You’re not likely to find another deal like this anywhere in the industry. It provides you with complete peace of mind.

*Written terms apply.

Current Promotions

We’re excited to offer patients the best promotions. You have a vision for your skin. A vision that will help you feel self-assured in any situation. Where you won’t have to cake on makeup, worry about embarrassing body hair that you forgot to shave, or have to explain a tattoo from the past. We’re here to help you achieve that vision. And you should be able to afford it.

In addition to our flexible payment plans and free consultation, right now we are offering:

  • Up to 70% off laser hair removal at our Wellington office
  • Up to 50% off laser tattoo removal at our Wellington office
  • Up to 50% off laser skin treatment at our Wellington office
  • Up to 50% off laser scar reduction treatment at our Wellington office

Take advantage of these deals while they last and get started on your stunning skin journey today.

Body Details Laser Treatment in Wellington

There are Medspas out there with limited laser skin treatment options, but because we are a true medical facility, we can offer so much more. Come to Body Details in Wellington for all your laser treatment needs.

Laser Hair Removal

Body Details in Wellington offers premier laser hair removal treatment. Our medical staff permanently removes hair from the eyebrows, face, neck, chin, back, chest, arms and underarms, legs, and the bikini line in a series of sessions. We also offer a Brazilian laser hair removal treatment if you’re looking to eliminate all hair down-there for good.

Never buy another razor ever again. No more shaving in the sink last minute. You no longer have to fit salon appointments into your busy schedule for waxing needs. We’ll get rid of hair for good.

What to Expect

The laser hair removal process is simple and straightforward. Schedule a consultation, and have one of our APRNs assess the area and develop a personalized treatment plan based on your skin type, sensitivity, hair type, and the area you want to treat.

Sessions last anywhere from ten minutes to an hour based on the amount of area we are treating. Most people require between five and ten sessions, spaced ten weeks apart.

Laser Tattoo Removal

Body Details in Wellington can effectively treat nearly any tattoo. Whether your tattoo is thick, solid black ink or full of color, our laser tattoo removal process can help erase tattoos you no longer want. After all, you change as you grow and not all decisions have to last forever.

Like laser hair removal, it takes multiple sessions spaced out over a period of time to treat tattoos, as your skin requires time to heal between each treatment. Our patients often state that the removal process hurts less than it did when they originally got the tattoo.

What to Expect

Here at Body Details, we have performed over a million laser tattoo removal procedures. You can rest assured that you are in the hands of the best. You may notice that after your sessions you experience skin reactions similar to when you got your tattoo.

It’s recommended that you ice the area, keep it moisturized, and refrain from strenuous physical activity during the twenty-four hours following treatment. As with getting a tattoo, do not pick at any scabs or blisters that may form. These are normal results from treatment as the ink in your skin breaks down and your body works hard to rid your skin of the tattoo.

Laser Skin Treatment

Body Details in Wellington offers comprehensive laser skin treatment procedures. Whether you are looking to tighten and tone your skin, eliminate signs of aging, get rid of acne scars, or treat rosacea and hyperpigmentation, our laser skin rejuvenation sessions can address your concerns. Our treatments help your body to produce more collagen and elastin, which is crucial for skin health and radiance.

What to Expect

The best thing about laser skin treatment at Body Details is that there is no down-time following treatment sessions, and there are minimal side effects. Patients that do report side effects after treatment sessions state that they experience a slight burning sensation or redness in the area that was treated. These side effects subside quickly. Treatments can often be completed in under thirty minutes.

Laser Scar Reduction

Outsmart your marks, and reduce the visibility of scars with laser scar reduction at Body Details. We can treat a variety of scars, whether they’re from scrapes and stitches of the past, surgeries, and more. Our laser treatment plan addresses the unique qualities of your scar, as no two marks are the same.

What to Expect

As with other laser skin treatments, an APRN will evaluate your scar to determine the best course of treatment. Different scars may take a different number of sessions to treat and some may be untreatable so we provide a free consultation to evaluate your unique needs. The appearance of your scar will affect the treatment process, and we develop an individual plan for each patient.

The Preparation and Consultation Process

Our free consultation process is simple. Either give us a call or conveniently schedule online. If you schedule online, a representative from our office will be in touch shortly to discuss your treatment goals. They will provide advice regarding what to expect and how to prepare for your consultation based on the service you are requesting.

We may recommend that you stop using certain products for a period of time before your consultation so that we can best assess that area of skin. We may request that you not use beauty products or makeup the day of your consultation, and request that you wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing.

During your consultation a True Laser expert will assess your skin, discuss your goals, and provide you with a custom treatment plan. Book your first appointment if you want to proceed with the best laser treatment in Wellington and be on your way to radiant skin in no time.


The Body Details True Laser® Centers Wellington office is located in the Southern Palm Crossing Shopping Center, between Starbucks and Outback Steak House. We are in the same complex as Jamba Juice and Costco.


11081 Southern Blvd, Suite 160
Royal Palm Beach, Florida 33411

Client Reviews

This is the best place to get hair removal in South Florida. If you have any problems with facial hair or want to get rid of a tattoo then this is the number one place! I highly recommend Body Details. The staff is incredibly friendly and professional at what they do. You will definitely walk out satisfied with the results.

Rating: ★★★★★ 5/5 stars