Why You Shouldn’t Bother with Pubic Hair Removal Products

There are a whole host of reasons why you shouldn’t bother with pubic hair removal products, not the least of which is the pain and discomfort typically associated with them. Not to mention the risk of infection from poor pubic hair removal methods, the redness and irritation you get when using these methods, and the time spent eliminating pubic hair with typical methods. We will provide you with a viable and preferred alternative. Body Details True Laser® hair removal will remove all of your pubic hair (or as much of it as you want to be removed) without the risks associated with shaving and waxing the pubic area. The risks involved with shaving or waxing the pubic area are significant and include STIs, which we go into more detail about below.

History of Pubic Hairlessness

The idea that humans should go without their pubic hair for aesthetic or other reasons is actually an ancient concept. For example, the Ancient Egyptians invented sugaring and waxing of the genital area, as they considered genital hair indecent. Additionally, in ancient Rome, having no pubic hair was considered a status symbol, and it was a practice often engaged in by the elites of Roman society. However, this trend decreased in popularity at some point, as a hairless pubis did not come back into fashion in Europe until the late twentieth century — so relatively recently. In the past few decades of the 21st century, hairless pubic areas have become increasingly popular, with many people opting for the Brazilian look with regard to their pubic hair. In the United States, the first waxing salon opened in 1987, signaling the beginning of what would become a major cosmetic trend in the U.S.

Why Is Pubic Hair Different From Hair In Other Places

Pubic hair is different from hair in other places for various evolutionary reasons. One of those reasons is the quantity of melanin in our genital areas is higher than in other parts of our body, resulting in darker genital hair than elsewhere on our body, particularly on our heads. Additionally, you may ask why our pubic hair is so coarse? Well, the reason for that is actually quite fascinating: It is to prevent friction burns during sexual intercourse, scientists say. The coarseness of the hair prevents the skin from chafing together during vigorous lovemaking activities; consequently, no friction burns from sexual intercourse. Some urologists have also theorized that the reason for curly pubic hair is that curly hair better captures pheromones released by the sweat glands.

What Are Pheromones?

Pheromones are chemicals released by the bodies of most animals and even some plants, which are designed to stimulate attraction between mates. It is generally accepted scientific knowledge that pheromones play a role in human attraction. This purpose was more pronounced in ancient times when people walked around basically unclothed. However, our current clothing and social sensibilities render pubic odor as a particularly unattractive rather than alluring quality. However, it has been theorized that the original reason for the curls in our pubic hair was to better capture that aroma to attract a potential mate. Pubic hair may also have been considered a form of plumage in ancient times. Just as peacocks today have plumes to show off to attract a mate, so men and women would have had pubic hair to highlight their sexual maturity and desirability, much like peacocks.

Primeval Pubic Hair

Another theory about pubic hair is that it is a vestigial feature that harkens back to a time when humans were hairier as a way to keep the genitals warm. Obviously, we now have far more effective means for keeping the pubic area warm. Still, as humans descended from ape-like creatures, we were much hairier at some point in our primeval beginnings, and our pubic hair served to keep our genitals warm. Also, pubic hair allegedly supports a healthy vaginal microflora in women. This means that pubic hair plays some role in supporting beneficial bacteria essential for the healthy functioning of the human vagina.

Modern Day Sentiments

However, none of this is a reason not to have your pubic hair removed, as the primary role of pubic hair in the modern day is, well… nothing at all. Having pubic hair these days is just an aesthetic choice; consequently, removing it is also an aesthetic choice that doesn’t really affect bodily health. Unless of course the method with which you choose to remove your pubic hair has a negative impact on your health, such as shaving or waxing. The reasons shaving or waxing can be bad for your health are explored in detail below, so keep reading!

Risks Associated With Shaving and Waxing Pubic Hair

People typically think of shaving and waxing as harmless activities. However, the truth is that they carry risks with them, and these risks are particularly pronounced with regard to pubic hair. For example, shaving and waxing always carry a small risk of infection from tiny cuts and tears in the skin. However, with pubic hair, this risk is significantly increased. With the coarseness of pubic hair, combined with the sensitivity of the skin in the pubic area, micro-tears and cuts from both shaving and waxing are much more common in this area. This, in addition to the increased likelihood of perspiration in the pubic area, places you at a higher risk of infection. Infection can mean redness, irritation, and sometimes even incredibly unsightly pus build-up in the area affected.

Shaving and waxing are ages-old concepts, however, they carry very serious potential risk of infection, as the tears in the pubic skin are perfect entry points for viruses and bacteria to get in. Sexually transmitted diseases can even transmit through the micro-tears on the pubic skin caused by shaving or waxing. No one wants to find out that they have a sexually transmitted infection, and shaving and waxing are serious risk factors that can result in infection even if typical contraceptive protection is used by both parties. Pubic hair removal ought to be left to the professionals, as there are several dangers associated with at-home pubic hair removal.

Physical Damage to the Pubic Region

Pubic hair is actually surrounded by very sensitive skin, and this skin is prone to micro-tears, cuts, and abrasions while removing the overlying hair. You can very easily create microtears and cuts on your pubic skin by shaving or waxing your pubic area, and that can result in unsightly redness, skin irritation, and in the worst cases, infection. Infection can be caused when bacteria enter these micro-cuts on your pubic area and start reproducing. Additionally, the skin surrounding your genitals is particularly sensitive to torsion relative to the rest of your body, so even waxing the area can cause damage to it.

STIs in Alternative Hair Removal Methods

What’s more, viral and bacterial STIs can actually enter the body through these micro-tears, cuts, and abrasions, making shaving and waxing your genital hair an actual risk factor for the spread of sexually transmitted infections. No one wants to catch a sexually transmitted infection, let alone just because they shave or wax their pubic area. You can avoid this risk entirely by going with Body Details for some pubic laser hair removal.

Professional Laser Hair Removal

The process is completely safe and is conducted by medical professionals, so schedule your free consultation with Body Details today! The advantages of pubic laser hair removal over shaving or waxing are nearly endless. First of all, it significantly reduces the risk of sexually transmitted infections caused by micro-abrasions on the pubic skin from shaving or waxing. It also avoids all the discomfort of waxing, as laser hair removal is a practically painless process with no annoying pulling or tearing like traditional pubic hair waxing. Finally, laser hair removal by Body Details is permanent, and it does not need to be repeated once completed. Even so, Body Details offers a lifetime guarantee, so additional treatments are included in your all-inclusive price if you should need them. Overall, pubic laser hair removal is a simple process that lasts a lifetime and is preferable to shaving or waxing the area constantly, as you did before.

Is It Embarrassing To Get Pubic Laser Hair Removal?

Pubic laser hair removal is not at all embarrassing! The personnel performing the procedure at Body Details are all highly-trained medical professionals. Thus, the level of professionalism they exhibit is top-notch. There will be no more embarrassment than when you are examined at a doctor’s office. The environment is totally shameless, and you have nothing to worry about while at our Centers. The team of medical professionals at Body Details will take good care of you and, as everything you say to them is bound by doctor-patient confidentiality, you don’t have to worry about any information you give being disclosed under penalty of HIPAA violation.

This results in a totally judgment-free zone within the Body Details Center. You can disclose all your concerns and worries to the professionals that will be performing your laser hair removal without fear, as it will all remain confidential. What’s more, the staff at Body Details are experts at easing any leftover concerns you may have and assuring you why your pubic laser hair removal is, in fact, the best possible option and all in a judgment-free place. Come by a Body Details location and see for yourself! Body Details offers free consultations, so there is absolutely no reason for you not to go and at least check them out.

Pubic Hair Removal Process With Laser

The process of getting your pubic hair removed with a laser is a relatively simple medical procedure. You just go into your local Body Details clinic—which is easy because they have locations throughout Florida and now in Georgia as well — and have a free consultation first. After your free consultation, the actual treatment process can last as little as 15 minutes a session. The way that pubic laser hair removal works is that the concentrated laser light is shined on a hair, and the laser follows the hair down to the root and destroys the follicle during the “growth phase,” thereby preventing any hair from growing in the area. This process is repeated with as large or small an area of pubic hair you want to be eliminated, and it prevents hair from growing back in the area permanently.

This is achieved with Body Details’ unique True Laser® technology. This laser releases a cryogenic coolant as it vaporizes the follicle, ensuring that the area stays cool and that you experience minimal discomfort during the process. There is typically no redness or irritation associated with laser hair removal, unlike alternative hair removal processes. Additionally, the actual process of laser hair removal is nearly painless, so let that put your worries at ease. Combine this with the fact that laser hair removal is a permanent procedure, which does not need to be redone as shaving or waxing does. In the extremely rare case that you need a touch-up on your laser hair removal, Body Details will offer free touch-ups under the written terms of our free lifetime guarantee.

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