What Makes Laser Hair Removal the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift?

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and like every year, many partners are left stumped as to which gift will bring their significant other the most joy. Treating yourself may be in the works if you’re single or celebrating Galentine’s Day. But it can be hard to find something that’s unique, personalized, and one that will be a gift to remember. What about giving your loved one the flawless skin they’ve been talking about? You may not think of it off the top of your head, but sexy skin can be a gift!

Now you’re probably wondering how to get smooth skin as a gift for your belle or beau. You don’t want to gift razors and shaving cream – you’re bound to get the strangest look, and drug store gifts from the hygiene aisle aren’t known for invoking the feeling of love. But one of the best gifts you can gift for Valentine’s Day is the gift of self-care. Spa packages often come to mind, but they’re also so cliche. This year, go with something different, something your partner may have been talking about for quite a while.

A gift package for professional laser hair removal might be the perfect option for your upcoming Valentine’s Day gift–whether you’re shopping for your guy or gal. It’s the best present with the “treat yourself” mentality, and unlike massages, nails, and haircuts, laser hair removal lasts forever. Your partner will be thanking you for many years to come.

Laser Hair Removal as a Valentine’s Day Gift

When you think of the love-struck holiday, sexy skin comes to mind. Soft, smooth, and flawless. Everyone envisions this image of perfection, like a glowing god or goddess emerging from the sky. We know you love your partner exactly as they are, but maybe they’ve been talking about laser hair removal for a while now. It can be difficult to take the leap, and sometimes people feel as if they just can’t justify the price of this form of self-care.

Enter: the opportunity to give them the flawless skin they want without dipping into their own pockets. Has your partner pointed out laser hair removal centers as your drive around? Examining their skin and expressing the desire to eliminate unwanted hair in a specific area? Or they show you ads every time they pop up in their social media feed. “Do I want this?” “Do you think this is worth it?” “Does laser hair removal actually work?” These are signs they may be into laser hair removal as a Valentine’s Day gift.

If they’ve been dropping hints like this, and have lots of laser hair removal FAQs, here’s your chance to shine. Unprompted gifts for laser hair removal may be met with discontent. “Do you think I’m hairy?” “Do I smell?” “You don’t think I’m beautiful?” Quite the opposite! You think they’re gorgeous and deserve the laser treatment they’ve been talking so much about.

Talk about the laser hair removal process with your partner and see if it’s something they really want. The biggest reservation is usually cost. At Body Details, that’s no problem. We offer flexible financing options to those who qualify, and our free treatments for life free lifetime guarantee* ensures that your loved one will get all the treatments they need to banish hair permanently. *Written terms apply.

We don’t offer pay-by-appointment sessions. Instead, we offer total and comprehensive packages customized to our client’s needs, providing them with as many laser hair removal sessions as necessary to get the flawless skin they want under the contract’s written terms and conditions.

How Laser Hair Removal Makes You Feel More Attractive During Valentine’s Day

The gift of laser hair removal does so much more than eliminate hair. It’s the gift of boosting self-confidence, of making you feel beautiful just as you are in your skin. While flowers, chocolates, and expensive dinners are hallmarks of the holiday, let’s be honest. A little bit of sultry, sexy intimacy is also at the core of the holiday.

Beautiful lingerie, lots of silk and lace, dimly lit rooms with candles and rose petals, and close physical affection are often part of the celebration. Women and men alike spend hours preparing for the special night. Whether it’s waxing appointments, long showers to ensure no missed spots while shaving, or endless plucking to get the stray eyebrow or facial hairs out of the way, it’s a process. Imagine if all of that trouble could be gone for good.

Laser hair removal is the gift that keeps on giving Valentine’s Day after Valentine’s Day. Once the laser eliminates unwanted hair, the hair can’t grow back. The sooner a person starts treatment, the sooner they’ll start seeing the results. By the time February 14th rolls around, legs, underarms, bikini lines, and more can all be well on their way to being bare and hair-free.

Since the results are permanent, every Valentine’s Day, from here on out, your special someone will step out on the town (or into the bedroom) feeling more attractive than ever.

Why a Laser Hair Removal Package Says More Than “I Love You”

Giving the gift of sexy skin says way more than “I love you.” If your partner’s been eyeing the treatment for months, or even longer, but hasn’t made the leap yet, laser hair removal as a gift says, “I hear you, I listen to what you want, and I want to treat you to everything you deserve.”

It also says that you want your partner to feel their absolute best at all times. Your treat. Investing in self-care and beauty treatments can often cause a sense of guilt. People ask themselves if they should really be spending the money on these things when there are other priorities on their list. Often, busy people stressed with work or overwhelmed with the kids put themselves on the back burner. Self-care can get pushed to the side when they work hard to provide for themselves and their families or spend late hours at the office.

That’s why laser hair removal as a Valentine’s Day gift says so much more. It says that your significant other does deserve the special treatment they may be putting off. They deserve the best, and they deserve a gift that lasts. Saying “I love you” is about more than just a single day each year. It’s a feeling that lasts for an eternity (just like laser hair removal)!

Overview of Laser Hair Removal Treatment

You or your partner may have questions regarding laser hair removal treatment. Or, you may have done your research and are waiting for the perfect time to invest in the future of flawless, sexy skin. Before you step into a laser hair removal center, it’s important to know more about the process, how it works, and what to expect.

Schedule a Free Consultation

At Body Details, we offer FREE consultations at each of our centers. There’s no out-of-pocket cost to speak with a professional and have them evaluate your skin and discuss your hair removal goals. During the consultation, we’ll review your hair, skin type, tone, and area(s) you’re looking to treat.

From there, we’ll make a treatment recommendation based on your needs to get the best results. Once you’re comfortable with the laser hair removal plan, we can go ahead and book your first appointment.

What to Expect During Laser Hair Removal Sessions

At Body Details, we use True Lasers® to target best the hair follicles in the area you’re treating. These lasers are calibrated before each session to ensure they’re zapping away your unwanted hair as best as possible. Other centers use lasers that are one-size-fits-all, but that doesn’t provide the best results. Throughout treatment, your hair and skin needs will likely change as you see the difference. We ensure this high-quality treatment for your entire series of sessions.

Depending on the area you’re treating, sessions can last anywhere from twenty minutes to an hour. We apply a cooling technology before and during treatment to keep you comfortable – no need to worry about pain. Most clients describe the sensation as a rubber band snapping against the skin.

You’ll need a series of treatments several weeks apart to ensure each hair reaches the Anagen phase, which is the phase of growth necessary to be able to remove the hair permanently.

Before and After Care for Laser Hair Removal Treatment

There are key things to know before and after each laser hair removal session. First, you shouldn’t use any other hair removal method aside from shaving for two weeks before your first appointment. Then, shave 24 hours before your session. Avoid direct sunlight before and after treatment to ensure you don’t get a sunburn, which damages the skin.

We recommend you avoid certain cosmetic products, such as lotions, washes, and makeup, for a certain period. This is also to minimize skin irritation. Depending on what area of skin you’re treating, you may need to avoid exercise for a few days after each session (such as with Brazilian laser hair removal). Additionally, we recommend you steer clear of swimming for a little while after each session to keep your skin free of over-sensitivity.

If you have any questions about before or after care during your laser hair removal journey, the knowledgeable staff at Body Details is here to provide all the information you need.

How Long Does Laser Hair Removal Last?

One of the most common questions we hear at Body Details is, “is laser hair removal permanent?” The answer is yes! With our True Lasers®, we target more than the hair on the surface of your skin. Shaving only eliminates the hair you see, and waxing leaves the hair follicle intact.

With laser hair removal, our PAs and ARNPs use our True Lasers® to entirely destroy hair follicles without damaging the surrounding skin. Once a hair follicle dies, it can no longer produce hair. That means that all of the treatable follicles our lasers target will never grow hair back again or we will treat you for free until they’re gone under the written terms of our guarantee.

Schedule a FREE Consultation Today

If your loved one is looking for a “skin and laser center near me” for the process of laser hair removal, Body Details has your answer. With many centers throughout South Florida, we’ve been in operation for nearly two decades, and our medical professionals have performed more than one million laser hair removal treatments.

Your partner can schedule a FREE consultation before you purchase the laser hair removal package as their Valentine’s Day gift, which is one of the best things of all. They can ensure they feel comfortable with the process and are ready to begin treatment. Then, purchase their package and give the gift of flawless, sexy skin that will last forever.

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