Can You Get Laser Hair Removal While Pregnant?

Expectant mothers are often beset with a torrent of do’s and don’t’s during their gestation period. In addition to the usual prohibitions against drinking, smoking, stress, etc., one of the things that medical experts often warn against is laser hair removal. But what do we really know about laser hair removal during pregnancy? At Body Details True Laser® Centers, we maintain that laser hair removal is safe for most individuals, but it’s also important to examine special exceptions to this rule. This article will answer any questions you have about pregnancy and laser hair removal.

How Laser Hair Removal Works

Laser hair removal works by targeting individual exposed hair follicles with a high-intensity medical laser. At Body Details, we use the GentleMax Pro True Laser Class IV, which combines the 1064 nm ND:YAG laser and the 755 nm Alexandrite laser. Lasers are calibrated for each patient’s skin and hair type prior to each session. The laser light travels down the hair shaft and heats the root, rendering it unable to grow hair. The remaining hair eventually falls out. The process is slightly different for darker skin. The laser targets the capillaries that feed the follicle. Because laser hair removal targets only the top layers of the skin, it’s unlikely that it would have a direct effect on a fetus, regardless of the target area.

Side Effects of Getting Laser Hair Removal While Pregnant

One of the reasons that laser hair removal is not recommended for pregnant women is that there are few studies with pregnant participants. Expectant mothers are typically reticent to involve themselves in any activity that will put their babies at risk, however slight. There are no known studies that specifically test laser hair removal on pregnant women, according to the American Pregnancy Association. So, saying that there are “no known side effects for laser hair removal while pregnant” would be disingenuous.

General side effects tend to be mild. Most people who have laser hair removal feel a mild pinch or nothing at all. At Body Details True Laser® Centers, the GentleMax Pro has a built-in Dynamic Cooling Device that keeps the skin cool during the process. After-effects are comparable to a mild sunburn in most patients. Based on this information, it stands to reason that pregnant women would have a similar experience. However, pregnancy often affects the sensitivity of the skin. Without a specific study, it’s impossible to know for sure whether laser hair removal would result in enhanced side effects on pregnant women.

Alternative Hair Removal Methods During Pregnancy

While some laser hair removal methods may not be advisable during pregnancy, you may be able to temporarily remove hair until you have the baby and are ready to begin laser hair removal sessions. If you have any questions about a hair removal method, contact your doctor.


As is the case with laser hair removal, there are no studies for electrolysis on pregnant women. Many doctors recommend against it, and there is a sufficient list of cautions that probably mean that it isn’t worth it. There is also a specific warning when it comes to Galvanic electrolysis since the amniotic fluid is a conductor. For these reasons, it is probably not a good alternative while pregnant.


These are chemical creams that remove hair. The active ingredients are barium sulfide powder and calcium thioglycolate, and there have been no pregnancy studies performed using these substances. Because depilatories are available over the counter, you should definitely consult your doctor before purchasing one for use during pregnancy.


Waxing works by adhering to the hair shaft and drawing it from the root when the wax is pulled up. There are no indications that waxing can cause complications during pregnancy. However, your skin may react differently to wax during pregnancy. You should consult your physician before waxing. It’s also advisable to try it on a small patch of skin before moving on to other areas, even with a doctor’s approval.


If you’re sick of shaving, you’re not alone. At Body Details True Laser® Centers, we hear that complaint from many of our laser hair removal patients. Still, if you are pregnant and are unable to get laser hair removal, shaving may be your best temporary solution during pregnancy. Shaving during pregnancy is inconvenient and time-consuming, but it is widely considered a safe option.

How Long After Pregnancy Should I Wait To Get Laser Hair Removal?

Because there is little information about laser hair removal and pregnancy, it’s difficult to provide an exact waiting period. There is no theoretical indication that laser hair removal would have any effect on milk production since the infant is no longer in the womb. What may be of concern are the post-partum hormone levels that affect hair growth and skin sensitivity. We recommend speaking to your laser specialist to find out when they recommend laser hair removal sessions.

Can Pregnancy Undo Laser Hair Removal?

If you received laser hair removal treatments prior to your pregnancy, you might have some concerns about hair growth. There’s little chance that pregnancy will completely “undo” your laser hair removal, but you may notice some hairs popping up in previously treated areas. That’s one of the reasons why Body Details offers “The Free Touch-ups for Life™” free lifetime guarantee. If you’ve previously had laser treatments with Body Details, you can come in for free touchups in the treated area for life under the contract’s written terms and conditions. Just schedule an appointment, and you can get those stray hairs taken care of as soon as your doctor clears you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Laser Hair Removal

Whether you’re pregnant and want to have laser hair removal or you’re just considering a permanent hair removal solution, we know you have questions. Here are some of the most common questions from patients and potential patients.

If Laser Hair Removal is Safe, Why Shouldn’t I Get it When Pregnant?

Laser hair removal is a safe, permanent solution to unwanted hair. Unfortunately, there has not been sufficient clinical research to determine that it is absolutely safe for pregnant women. For that reason, doctors recommend erring on the side of caution when it comes to LHR during pregnancy.

How Often Can I Get Laser Hair Removal?

At Body Details, we schedule appointments a minimum of 5 weeks apart. That’s because laser hair removal is most effective during a follicle’s active growth phase. Allowing a period between treatments means that you’ll require a few of them to achieve the desired results.

Is Laser Hair Removal Expensive?

If you’re concerned about the cost of laser hair removal, consider the fact that a package is a one-time cost. When you compare it to the recurring costs of razors, shaving cream, wax, spa sessions, etc., you’ll save a fortune over time. At Body Details True Laser® Centers, we offer competitive packages with financing options. Additionally, your initial consultation is completely free.

With dozens of locations throughout Florida, there’s bound to be a Body Details located near you. Call today to schedule an initial consultation.

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