Why Hair Grows Differently on Each Area of Your Body

Why Hair Grows Differently in Each Area of Your BodyWomen have all wondered at one point or another why the hair on our arms is light and barely noticeable, but if we skip a day shaving beneath our arms, we wind up with thick, black stubble. Likewise, men have questioned why some of the hairs on their chest are coarse and thick while others are light and easier to manage.

You may think hair growth and appearance has to do with shaving or waxing, but you’d be wrong. Hair removal actually has no effect on the way your hair grows back, but what does affect it is actually a bit more complicated.

Peach Fuzz

From birth, everyone is covered with a layer of body hair. This peach fuzz is called vellus hair and can be found everywhere except the palms of your hands, lips, the soles of your feet, behind the ears, and in the navel. These hairs are typically more noticeable on children because they don’t have other body hair to hide it. The length, color, and thickness of these hairs generally depends on genetics, but most are replaced by androgenic hairs later in life.

What Are Androgenic Hairs?

Androgenic hairs typically appear during puberty and differ in thickness and color from the hair that grows on your head or the lighter vellus hairs. These hairs tend to grow under the arms, the pubic region, legs, and arms. For men and some unlucky women, this hair will also grow on the face and chest, replacing most of vellus hairs or covering them up.

What Determines the Thickness of Your Body Hair?

Hormones. Thick body hair is called androgenic hair because its growth depends on the production of androgens, a unisex hormone found in both men and women. Levels of this hormone are significantly higher in men, which is why they generally have thicker body hair and why they have hair on more areas of their body. Body hair has a significantly different growth pattern than the growth pattern of the hair on your head, which is why the hair on your head can grow so long and your body hair is much shorter.

Why Do Women Have Facial Hair?

For women who have excess body hair, blame your hormone levels, not your razor. High levels of hormones can cause women to grow thick facial hair as well as hair on their arms, back, and chest. An imbalance can be caused by several things, most which can’t be prevented. Certain medications, puberty or menopause, and even genetics contribute to increased androgen levels in women. This is why women develop thick and sporadic facial hairs that seem to appear out of nowhere.

Do Men Have High Hormone Levels?

Yes, men suffer from high levels of hormones and excess body hair that can cause irritation and overheating. It’s typically more embarrassing for women, but men will be hesitant to take off their shirt if they feel like they’re on the hairier side. Even small patches of back or chest hair can be frustrating because they look out of place.

What Can Be Done About It?

There’s little that can be done about increased hormone levels. Hair removal and thinning methods to control excessive hair growth are usually the only option. Full body laser hair removal is the only permanent solution that can also thin out body hair. Men usually opt for this because it makes their body hair more manageable without having to go completely bare. Women typically choose complete hair removal because it saves them time and money on other hair removal methods.

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