Need to Get Rid of Your Ink Fast? PicoWay Lasers Provide the Quickest Results

Need to Get Rid of Your Ink Fast PicoWay Lasers Provide the Quickest ResultsFinding permanent makeup removal near you can be a long term commitment if you don’t go to the right place. Many treatment centers claim to offer the best technology, but the lasers they use may not be designed to remove your ink.

Often, they advertise laser tattoo removal services, but they’re actually using lasers that are designed for hair removal or skin rejuvenation. Their customers unwittingly pay hundreds of dollars to remove a tattoo that will take more than a dozen treatments to start to fade, but the ink will also never disappear completely. That’s right—if you don’t choose the right place, you will still be left with remnants of a tattoo that you desperately wanted to get rid of.

Then there are treatment centers that swear they’re using the latest technology when they really aren’t. It’s difficult to know the difference between an older laser machine and the newest technology because they’re so similar. But you might be throwing your money away if the treatment center you go to uses old technology that takes twice as long for a tattoo to fade. Additionally, older lasers remove skin pigment and leave nasty scars behind, so it’s important to make sure your laser tattoo removal treatments won’t wind up being another thing you regret.

How to Tell When a Laser Treatment Center Isn’t Up to Par

This can be tricky if you’ve never undergone laser treatments before but putting the time in to research them will help. One important question to ask is what kind of laser they use for tattoo removal. PicoWay is the latest technology available and should be the only acceptable answer to your question. Many laser treatment centers still use Q-switched lasers, which were popular before the PicoWay laser was developed. Although the Q-switched laser provides results, the side effects and time required for complete removal aren’t worth the risk.

You should also ask whether the treatment center uses the same laser for all of its services. If it offers laser hair removal, laser body sculpting, and laser cellulite reduction, it may not be up to date with its laser technology and would likely use lasers that are designed for cosmetic purposes on your tattoo.

Why Aren’t Q-Switched Lasers Used Anymore?

Well, why aren’t Nokia phones used anymore? Because something better hit the market. Q-switched lasers used to be the premier laser of the laser tattoo removal industry, but PicoWay replaced them. The Q-switched laser offers slow, gradual fading, which can leave scars. It isn’t able to completely remove yellow or red inks, and it often removes pigment from those with even the lightest skin color. Often, the results are worse than the original tattoo.

How Does the PicoWay Laser Remove Ink Faster?

PicoWay lasers have dual wavelengths, which allow them to treat a wider variety of skin colors and types. This also gives the PicoWay laser the ability to reach deeper levels of skin, breaking up and eventually removing even the lightest colors. PicoWay lasers also give off the shortest pulses in the industry. These pulses are able to treat smaller areas and break down ink at much faster rates, typically requiring less than half the number of treatments that a Q-switched laser would require. Emitting short pulses is also why the PicoWay laser is less likely to damage skin pigment or cause scarring, leaving a much cleaner result. With the highest peak power in the industry, the PicoWay laser emits more energy than any other tattoo removal laser, adding to the speed in which it’s able to break down a tattoo’s ink. Since this is the only laser that is able to completely remove your ink, there’s a much higher satisfaction rate among those who’ve undergone treatment from a PicoWay laser.

Why Does Speed Matter?

While you may not be in a rush to get rid of your ink, most people are due to weddings, military requirements, or the desire to look professional on job interviews. Twelve treatments may not sound like much now, but when you have to wait six to 10 weeks between each one, the time adds up. Not to mention how unattractive your fading tattoo will look throughout the process, forcing you to invent new ways to keep it covered as much as possible. Getting treatments at a center that uses a PicoWay is the only way to ensure quick, amazing results. Don’t get stuck with a half-faded tattoo that forces you to wear long sleeves for three years.

How Does PicoWay Laser Tattoo Removal Work?

The goal is the same as it is with any other laser: Break down the ink particles, so they’re small enough for your body’s immune system to carry away. PicoWay differs from other lasers because it creates a photo-mechanical impact on the skin opposed to a photo-thermal impact that other lasers provide. A photo-mechanical impact is an energy that is created by the short pulses emitted by PicoWay lasers. They’re able to target the tattoo’s ink without damaging or disturbing the skin. The photo-thermal impact that lasers such as the Q-switched laser release emit a lot of heat. It’s this heat that breaks up the ink, but it’s also the cause of hyperpigmentation and scarring that leaves users so dissatisfied. The short pulses that the PicoWay laser release are 40 percent shorter than other lasers, limiting the exposure of any healthy skin tissue and making it the safest form of laser tattoo removal for your skin.

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