Does Your Ink Give Away Your Age?

TattoosYour hairstyle and the clothes you wear aren’t the only things that can give away your age.
Considering the popularity of tattoos over the last few decades, those who are entering their senior years are more inked than ever. Here are some factors to consider if you’re worried that your tattoo tells people how old you are.


With watercolor, three-dimensional, linear, and even glow-in-the-dark tattoos becoming more popular, your driver’s license may not be the only thing giving away your age. Today’s youths aren’t picking their tattoos off of a wall. They’re hitting the internet for ideas. Trends like rib quotes and ink behind the ear are newer styles, so that tribal tat around your arm definitely lets people know you were inked in the late ‘90s.


Old tattoo work looks like a hot mess if it isn’t touched up every few years. While many factors attribute to the fading of tattoos, technology and ink quality sure have changed for the worse over the years. As younger generations age, their ink is turning into colorless blobs of ink that not only give away their age but are pretty unsightly.

Warped Images

As we age, many of us get a little…umm…bigger around the midsection. Whether it’s from pregnancy or weight gain, a warped tattoo is a clear sign of age. When skin is stretched by extra fat, a tattoo depicting a single flower may look like Audrey II from “Little Shop of Horrors.” Wrinkles and age marks can also change the appearance of your tattoo. Words can become illegible with age.

With today’s technology, however, you no longer have to live with these tattletales. Pico tattoo removal is designed to permanently remove the ink from your skin, leaving you with a clean canvas for new ink or simply fresh-looking skin.

Laser tattoo removal targets the pigment of your tattoo and breaks it into tinier particles. This allows your body’s immune system to discard the ink, ultimately fading the tattoo. Your body does this naturally over time because your immune system sees the ink as a foreign object and a threat to your body. Undergoing laser treatments speeds up the process, and the smaller ink particles are much easier for your body to discard.

Regardless of how old your tattoo is, our staff at Body Details True Laser Hair and Tattoo Removal can take care of you. Our highly knowledgeable licensed laser technicians will ensure that you’re comfortable during your sessions. Located in the South Florida area, we’re the only laser clinic that provides a free lifetime guarantee for all of our laser tattoo removal clients. Our convenient night and weekend hours make it easy to find time for an appointment. Schedule your free consultation today by calling 866-708-8645 or visiting one of our laser skin care centers.

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