The Problem with Depilatory Creams for Hair Removal

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When it comes to maintaining our body hair, we’re always looking for the most accessible solutions. Shaving and waxing are tedious and time-consuming, so often we find ourselves seeking out home remedies like depilatory creams.

These are tempting to use as they can be bought at any drug store and are as simple to apply as any body lotion. Like many other hair removal methods, however, depilatory creams come with their fair share of problems.

How Depilatory Creams Work

As a topical ointment, depilatory creams like Nair and Veet come in a variety of solutions such as lotions, gels, and sprays. They are applied to the area of the body where hair removal is wanted for a specified amount of time before they have to be rubbed off, ideally taking any unwanted hair with them. These solutions work by breaking down the protein in the hair using harsh chemicals, ultimately weakening the bond between the hair and the follicle. If all goes to plan, this will make it easier to get rid of the unwanted hair with a cloth or in the shower. It doesn’t always go to plan though, which is just one of the problems with this hair removal method.

The Problem With Depilatory Creams

Anytime you work with a topical cream containing chemicals, there’s a risk involved. Even though the bottles often recommend testing the depilatory cream on a small area of skin before using them, most people don’t. Here are some of the problems people tend to experience when using this hair removal method:

Chemical Burns

While slight itching and burning are common when using depilatory creams, many people experience more severe side effects. Caused by sensitive skin or by leaving the cream on for too long, people have experienced blistered and peeling skin that make the unwanted hair hardly noticeable in comparison. People assume that because they can buy these products from a grocery or drug store that they’re safe to use, but that’s not always the case.

Allergic Reactions

Not everyone’s skin can handle the chemicals found in most depilatory creams, and many who use these topicals experience an allergic reaction. These possible side effects are why it’s so important to test the product on a small patch of skin before going crazy and spreading it all over your legs. Some parts of the body might react differently to the chemicals also, especially more sensitive areas on the face or the pubic region. It can’t be assumed that these kinds of products will react equally everywhere they’re used.

Difficulty Breathing

If you’ve used depilatory creams in the past, then you’re familiar with the harsh chemical smell they have. There’s no amount of fruity fragrance they can add to them to cover it up, and it’s enough to make breathing throughout the process a bit of a chore. Especially if you’re using it on your face, close to your nose, you might experience nausea and headaches.

Leftover Hair

If you manage to find a depilatory cream that doesn’t irritate your skin, it likely won’t do much in terms of getting rid of your unwanted hair. Results tend to range from no noticeable hair removed to leftover patches. While these creams sound easier than other hair removal methods, they’re rarely successful when used as the primary method. Most people end up having to shave or wax afterward to make up for all of the hair the cream missed.

Preferred Hair Removal Methods

Waxing or shaving is often the go-to method for hair removal, but between squeezing in appointments every week and replacing razors, they can be both costly and time-consuming. With all of the technology advancements available these days, people have been opting for more permanent options instead. Laser hair removal has become the latest craze in hair removal, as it’s the only permanent solution out there. Not only does this method eliminate razor bumps and skin irritation, but it actually makes the skin appear smoother and more even toned.

Laser treatments can be done in just minutes and can eliminate unwanted hair practically anywhere on the body. To learn more about how laser hair removal can eliminate body hair and make your skin look flawless, check out this video: