A topical cream or medication is one that is applied to a certain area of the skin for a particular purpose. Typically, topical creams and medications act fast because the skin absorbs them quickly. There are many classes of topical medications, including lotions, gels, powders, foams, and patches.

In laser tattoo removal, the only topical cream used is something that numbs the skin. Often a triple anesthetic cream, or TAC, is used because it’s safe for many procedures. This cream typically contains three ingredients: Benzocaine, lidocaine, and teltracaine, so it’s called BLT gel. This is one of the few non-invasive numbing options that significantly reduces any sensation felt during laser treatments.

Sometimes, topical creams are recommended as an aftercare treatment. For example, Neosporin assists in the healing process and prevents the skin from drying and peeling.