True Laser™ – Laser Tattoo Removal

A term exclusively used at Body Details, True Laser™ describes the four major factors that we have found to produce the best and most effective laser tattoo removal results. Through extensive research and years of experience, we believe we’ve created the only formula that will permanently remove unwanted tattoos.

Type of Device

Not all tattoo removal methods are equal, and even different lasers will produce unique results. While other methods claim to result in complete tattoo removal, laser tattoo removal is the only nonsurgical method that has been proven to be effective. At Body Details, we use the True Laser®, the most powerful laser approved for laser tattoo removal treatments in the industry. These lasers provide up to 1,500 times more than any other laser, ensuring our clients get results fast and that complete tattoo removal is achieved.


Older lasers used short wavelengths to target the pigment of ink found in a tattoo, often causing skin damage and permanent scarring. Newer lasers emit longer wavelengths that penetrate the epidermis without damaging the skin or removing the skin’s pigment. Additionally, different lasers emit differently measured wavelengths, all ideal for various ink colors. At Body Details, our licensed medical technicians are educated on which wavelengths are most effective in targeting and eliminating each individual color of a tattoo.

Skill of Treatment Provider

At Body Details, our staff stays up to date on the latest technology and the most effective techniques surrounding laser tattoo removal. All of our treatment centers are staffed with certified physician assistants and advanced registered nurses, who, aside from their advanced degrees, are also certified by our team of medical directors and the medical laser manufacturers.