True Laser® – Laser Hair Removal

True Laser® is a term exclusively used at Body Details. It describes our method of combining the four major factors that contribute to obtaining the best laser hair removal results. Not all laser hair removal is the same, and we stand by our method as the only way to receive permanent results.

Type of Device

The FDA has approved many light-based devices, but only the True Laser® is a class IV, the most powerful approved laser available in the industry. Our lasers deliver up to 1,500 times more energy than class III lasers, significantly reducing the time that it takes to achieve permanent results.


Each medical laser uses a different wavelength to achieve results. Body Details uses the ideal wavelength required to achieve permanent hair removal results for each skin color and hair type.

Treatment Protocol

Treatment protocol refers to how laser hair removal is performed, specifically laser settings that refer to the size of the area being treated and pulse duration. Body Details has thoroughly researched and developed the best way to administer laser hair removal treatments.

Skill of Treatment Provider

Most laser technicians are only required to take a brief training course and have no medical training or advanced degrees. Body Details only staffs its treatment centers with certified physician assistants or advanced registered nurse practitioners. In addition to their advanced degrees, our established team of medical directors and medical laser manufacturers also certify our laser technicians.