Beauty brand TRIA offers products that provide laser treatments from home. It has a series of FDA-approved tools that can be used to eliminate wrinkles, clear acne, and permanently remove unwanted body hair. Its hair removal products use a precise laser that delivers energy to each follicle. The melanin in the targeted hair follicles absorbs the energy, ultimately destroying the hair.

Although it seems to use the same technology that medical laser hair removal uses, the energy used during each treatment is significantly less. Still, TRIA products have garnered mostly positive customer reviews.

Benefits of At-Home Laser Hair Removal Treatments

  • Cost – Assuming the at-home laser treatment actually works, the cost of these products is typically cheaper than what it would cost for enough treatments for complete hair removal at laser clinics.
  • Comfort – People are able to use these laser devices in the comfort of their own homes.
  • Convenience – Most laser clinics offer night and weekend hours, but an at-home laser can be used any time, day or night.

Disadvantages of At-Home Laser Hair Removal Treatments

  • Risk – There’s always a risk of ineffectiveness with at-home laser treatments because they don’t guarantee results.
  • Low Energy – In order for the FDA to approve these lasers, they could only provide a small amount of energy to be safe for use at home. This means more treatments are required to achieve results.
  • Time – Small areas may not be too difficult, but using one of these hand-held devices to remove leg hair will occupy a chunk of the day every time it’s needed.