Founded in 1980, ASLMS is the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery. Originally designed to encourage physicians and scientists to exchange information, this is the largest organization dedicated to promoting education and research in the medical laser field. ASLMS members represent an array of professionals, including physicians and surgeons trained in over 50 medical specialties, nurses and other medical professionals, physicists, biomedical engineers, and biologists. Together, these professionals contribute their knowledge and skills to the research and development of new laser devices, and then adapt them for use in the medical field.

ASLMS has more than 4,000 members, 20 percent of whom reside outside of the United States. All members attend regular educational and networking events that are designed to promote the exchange of new research, discoveries, and technological tools.

This organization supports member research projects in the field through grants and awards, which help contribute to the development of tools that are used in the medical laser industry. This support is not restricted to medical laser equipment. Safety is a large part of the industry. Any new advancements in the field are presented at yearly conferences, allowing ASLMS members to stay up to date on what’s new.

The latest medical laser to hit the market was the PicoWay, developed in 2015. It stands out from the rest because it’s the first to be safe for all skin types, eliminating the trouble that some may have with hyperpigmentation. The PicoWay is the first medical laser that provides short pulses, resulting in better clearance, minimal discomfort for patients, and most importantly, fewer treatments, making it ideal for laser hair removal.