Laser Cosmetic Enhancement

Medical lasers can do more than just remove a tattoo or eliminate unwanted body hair. Extensive, ongoing research and clinical testing have found that medical lasers can be used to manipulate various tissues within the skin and body. They offer the precision that surgery or topical chemicals cannot, making it one of the leading choices for cosmetic enhancement.

Laser Skin Resurfacing

Lasers can be used to soften the face and give it a more youthful appearance by reducing wrinkles and fine lines around the lips and eyes. Laser skin resurfacing also provides the option to remove scars left behind by blemishes or hyperpigmentation. This was discovered by accident. While using medical lasers to treat acne, many surgeons noticed the impact it had on nearby wrinkles. Lines were greatly diminished, so skin resurfacing became popular.

Removal of Birthmarks and Skin Lesions

Lasers can be the ideal solution for ridding the skin of spider veins, warts, and even abnormal skin growths. Additionally, lightly colored and abnormal birthmarks that are typically caused by abnormal blood vessels respond very well to this kind of procedure. While several treatments may be necessary for complete removal, patients almost always see results after their first laser session.