A cover up is a tattoo that is done on top of another tattoo. It can cover the entire tattoo or just a section. Not all tattoos can be covered up because the size, color, and location might affect the desired artwork.

There are many factors, including cost, to consider before deciding between a cover up and laser tattoo removal. Over time, tattoos might require thousands of dollars worth of maintenance, especially for those on an area of the body that is regularly in the sun. On average, tattoos require a touch up every five to eight years, depending on how well the tattoo was done originally and how well it’s protected from the sun. Laser tattoo removal tends to be cheaper because it will eradicate the cost of maintenance.

Cover up tattoos look amazing when they’re done right, but too often they aren’t and people are left with something even worse. It’s usually best to undergo a few laser tattoo removal sessions before getting a cover up. This way, the ink is faded enough that it’s less likely to show through.