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    Laser Treatment Brandon

    About Body Details

    If you've been considering laser hair removal or laser lipo, now is the perfect time to reach out to our Body Details True Laser Center in Brandon, FL! Body Details True Laser Center offers laser hair removal, laser lipo (laser fat removal), laser tattoo removal, skin rejuvenation, and scar reduction. Whether you're looking for a healthier shine on your skin or want to remove unwanted hair, Body Details True Laser Center has everything you need. Our free consultation allows you to explore options to make you feel and look your greatest!

    Current Promotions

    • Free, no-obligation consultation to discuss your goals
    • Up to 70% off for hair removal, so you can throw away those razors finally!
    • Buy 2 full Laser Lipo abdomen treatments, get 1 free and reduce belly fat in a safe and effective manner
    • Up to 50% off tattoo removal. Erase unwanted ink!
    • Up to 50% off skin rejuvenation sessions. Your skin will never look healthier!
    • Up to 50% off scar reduction treatments. Let your skin smile!
    Make your free consultation today for Brandon, FL location, as these offers are only available for a limited time!

    FREE Devil's in the Details™ Guarantee

    We offer a FREE lifetime guarantee on select treatments at Body Details True Laser Center in Brandon, FL. Customers respond differently to each laser treatment and may occasionally need to return for additional treatments. With our free Devil's in the Details™ Guarantee*, you receive free touch-ups for life. No additional fees! * Written terms apply.

    Why Choose Body Details in Brandon?

    Body Details True Laser Center offers safer services with state-of-the-art equipment and medically trained experts. Put your mind at ease with a medical doctor specializing in dermatology or plastic surgery. Each of our Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs) and Physician Assistants (PAs) hold master's degrees and are exclusively trained by our expert medical team under the protocol's of a designated doctor for each facility. Only our licensed medical professionals will touch your skin with a laser! If having medical professionals, free consultation, and our Devil's in the Details™ Guarantee weren't enough, here are other reasons you can place your trust in us:
    • Personalized treatment plans. We know each customer is unique, so your treatment should be too!
    • We use the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved strongest medical class laser. This laser is not only faster but also more effective.
    • Dynamic Cooling Device (DNC) to create a chill sensation on your skin for additional comfort.
    • Laser treatments are calibrated to best suit your goals and skin type to limit discomfort.
    • Financing is available to those who qualify.
    • Flexible hours!
    You should feel confident and safe when seeking laser treatment, which is why Body Details True Laser Center stands behind its products and services. Join Body Details True Laser Center for your laser treatment!

    Laser Treatment in Brandon

    Laser Hair Removal

    With over a million treatments performed, Body Details True Laser Center offers hair removal on the following:
    • Facial Area
    • Bikini Line
    • Brazilian
    • Legs
    • Underarms
    • Arms
    • Chest
    • Neck
    • Back
    • Eyebrows
    With our Devil's in the Details™ Guarantee, you can toss your razors out and never schedule another waxing appointment! Remove unwanted body hair with our laser treatment in Brandon, FL.

    Laser Lipo (Fat Reduction)

    Avoid invasive procedures using Body Details True Laser laser treatment in Brandon, FL. Confidence will flourish after receiving our laser lipo treatment. The Dominion Aesthetic EON™ body sculpting device is FDA approved for laser fat reduction. On average, this body sculpting device reduces fat by 21.6% in a single treatment. Based on a clinical study, 39% of clients saw a 20% to 45% fat reduction after one laser lipo treatment. The EON™ device melts fat away! Check out our before and after photos!

    Laser Skin Rejuvenation

    Wrinkles, melasma, and age spots are no longer a concern with our laser treatment. Your skin will look and feel refreshed with Body Details True Laser services. As we offer the finest laser treatment, you'll no longer need to worry about acne marks, skin discoloration, large pores, sun spots, fine lines, and other imperfections! Our laser skin rejuvenation also addresses your neck, hands, chest, and other areas of your skin. Whether you're on the way to work, at lunch, or heading home, laser treatments don’t take long, and they promote radiant, firm, and tight skin. It is safe and effective, and it stimulates collagen production. With the PicoWay Resolve laser, you do not have to worry about scabbing or wounds like other laser skin rejuvenation procedures.

    Laser Scar Reduction

    Trying to cover acne scars is a thing of the past. With our scar reduction laser treatment, you revolutionize your skin. Body Details True Laser uses the industry's leading laser for scar reduction. After treatment, you may see a reduction in severe breakouts because the laser helps rid the skin of the bacteria that cause acne. Some benefits of scar reduction laser treatment in Brandon, FL include:
    • Eliminates the appearance of acne scars
    • Skin will improve tremendously in tone and texture
    • Little to no recovery time
    • Less than 20 minutes (on average)
    • Produces collagen
    • Results after one treatment

    Laser Tattoo Removal

    Do you have a tattoo you regret? You are part of the nearly 78% of people with multiple tattoos who regret getting one or more permanent pieces of body art. As we get older and our body changes, the look of our tattoos change. With our laser tattoo removal, most clients see their tattoo completely fade away and erase completely leaving you with nothing but the skin you were originally in.

    Prepare for Your FREE Consultation

    You can fill out the form "Schedule Your Free Consultation**." We recommend not wearing any makeup or skincare products on areas you are considering for laser treatment so our technicians can provide the most accurate assessment. Please wear loose clothing so our professionals can better understand your personal needs. One of our Body Details True Laser Center medical professionals will discuss your goals and medical history. A comprehensive plan and laser treatment timeline will be provided to you and inform you every step of the way. Feel free to ask any questions while you're here, as we want to ensure you feel confident in Body Details True Laser Centers supporting you on your laser treatment journey.

    Laser Treatment Results

    We are confident that our medical professionals can help you with your goals, and our Devil's in the Details™ Guarantee means that you will receive free touch-ups for life. That's right, free touch-up treatments for as long as it takes to get it right under the written terms and conditions of our free lifetime guarantee. You can trust our results with the best tools and experts. Most clients see results on the first treatment. Feel free to explore our reviews! Reach out to one of our professionals today at Body Details True Laser Center for your personalized laser treatment in Brandon, FL.

    Schedule Your Free Consultation Today

    If you are looking for laser hair removal, laser tattoo removal, or laser skin treatment in Brandon, schedule your free consultation with Body Details True Laser® Centers today. Call our Brandon office at 813-995-7010 or complete the quick form online and we will be in touch shortly.

      Client Reviews

      Have been going here for two years. Always friendly front desk staff, whether in person or on the phone. Clean, modern, and bright inside. Lorie has been performing laser treatments on me for the past 3 sessions and she is down to earth, friendly, medically knowledgeable, and careful. She is a stickler for perfection, and for that, I thank you! 😀 See you at my next appointment.

      Ally Bagenholm

      The staff here is very welcoming and professional! I went in for a consult on a tatto of mine to be removed, I felt very comfortable and not pushed into anything! All my questions were answered I felt I was in good hands. Rachel is the best she is very sweet and will talk you through the process she took her time I didn’t feel rushed I barely felt a thing with the cold air ! You won’t regret coming here if your thinking about a tattoo removal!

      Kim Paino

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