Will There Be a Scar After My Tattoo Removal Treatment?

This is the most often-asked question by clients who come to our clinic with thoughts of removing an unwanted tattoo. It makes perfect sense to be concerned about the possibility of scarring after a tattoo removal procedure. There’s nothing worse than an unwanted tattoo except a horrible scar to constantly remind you of it.

True Laser

Our laser tattoo removal process here at Body Details is extremely efficient and guaranteed to be permanent. True Lasers are the safest and most effective technology for removing any unwanted tattoos forever. After completion of the tattoo removal treatments, your skin will most often show no sign of ever having had a tattoo at all.

Of course, with any trauma to the skin, there is always the possibility of scarring. But in the hands of our skilled treatment specialists, True Laser will permanently remove your tattoo and give you the clean, smooth skin you desire. If you’re looking for permanent makeup removal near you, call Body Details!

Skin Type

There is a heightened risk of scarring if your skin has a tendency to develop keloids after a skin injury (an excessive growth of fibrous tissue). Our technicians know this and will do their best to minimize any possible scarring by using the right techniques and tools.

Incorrect Instrument

Not all lasers are created equal. Some lasers, such as hair removal lasers and IPLs, work well for the type of procedure they were designed for, but not for effective tattoo removal. However, keep in mind that even a laser that is specifically designed for tattoo removal can lead to scarring if it is not calibrated or operated correctly. You will greatly minimize your risk of scarring by going to a reliable and trustworthy skin clinic with treatment specialists who have the skills, experience and training in laser tattoo removal.

Post-Procedure Care

You have an active role to play if you want to avoid any scarring after a laser tattoo removal procedure. Don’t pick at the scabs if any form after your session. Follow aftercare advice such as keeping the area clean and dry. Remember to keep the area well-covered for the first few days after treatment and change the dressing regularly. The tattoo needs ample time to heal between treatments for effective removal and limited risk of scarring.

For permanent laser tattoo removal in South Florida, call us. We have highly trained technicians who will make sure the procedure is performed efficiently and professionally. We can also answer any questions you may have about permanent facial hair removal for men and women as well as chest, underarm, bikini line and leg hair removal. All our laser tattoo and laser hair removal services are safe and guaranteed for life.

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