Can I Tan After My Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

At Body Details, we love seeing our patients happy and confident in their own beautiful skin. You can be sure to trust our laser skin centers because we have years of experience! We use the most cutting-edge technology, and our laser experts are knowledgeable and qualified to get the best results possible for our patients. We also offer a free consultation to all clients prior to their hair removal treatments so we can be aware of any existing conditions that might hamper the lasers’ results. If you’re looking at hair removal near you it’s important you are informed. Tanning is often a topic that comes up among our clients, and we’d like to address it here.

How Can a Tan Affect Laser Hair Removal?

Good news! If you love to tan, either outdoors or in tanning beds, you can still be a candidate for laser hair removal. However, we strongly advise that you cease all tanning bed visits and minimize sun exposure for at least one week before and after each treatment for best results.

Skin that is already tanned can be burned by our lasers. Your safety is paramount to us, and our technicians will be forced to reduce the intensity of the laser light to protect you. As a result, the pigment in your hair’s follicle might not absorb all of the laser light, thus it will not fall out at the root. The less intense the light, the less powerful your treatment will be.

After Treatment

For your skin’s protection, we also recommend minimizing sun exposure for at least one week after treatment to allow it time to heal. From the words of Dr. Singh, a board-certified dermatologist, “Sun protection is of utmost importance both before and after the procedure.”

In the sunshine state of Florida, that can be easier said than done, so be sure to wear sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher! We want each of our clients to enjoy the best possible results in the fewest treatments possible. Our door is always open, and you can pick up the phone and call to speak with an expert about laser hair removal and what to expect during your treatment.

Body Details offers laser hair removal for the legs, arms, chest, back, underarms, face and abs. Call us for a free consultation. When you choose one of the best laser hair removal in South Florida locations, smooth skin is just around the corner!

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