How to Overcome the Fear of Laser Hair Removal


Hair removal is a safe and well-established technology, but many people still find the thought of putting a laser to their skin unnerving. If you have fears, it may help to understand what it is you’re actually afraid of and assess your options for moving past the feeling.

Fears of Laser Hair Removal

People who are afraid of laser hair removal are generally worried about pain. They may have heard that the pain is intense or lasting, neither of which is true. The pain from laser hair removal feels, at worst, like being snapped with a rubber band. It is unpleasant, but not unbearable. The best facilities use equipment that cools the skin after each laser pulse greatly increasing treatment comfort. As for lasting pain, laser hair removal might leave a touch of redness, but that’s it.

Some people’s fears are a little less visceral. They might worry that their skin is too dark or their hair too light for the procedure to be effective, or that their hair will just grow right back and it will have been a waste of money. These fears are equally unfounded and talking with a professional at Body Details will help put you at ease.

Others fear laser hair removal for scientific reasons, worrying that the laser can do damage to their internal organs or cause long-lasting changes in their skin tone and color. Neither of these is true. The laser only penetrates to the depth of the hair follicle and cannot reach inside you or change your skin color. True Lasers® are FDA approved and are the safest and most effective technology available on the market today.

Calming Laser Hair Removal Fears

Too often, though, simply knowing the facts doesn’t make people feel better. You may still fear the process even if you know it’s irrational, and the longer you go without addressing those fears the more they can grow.

If this is you – i.e. you know in your mind that laser hair removal is perfectly safe but are still afraid of the process – you have options. You can call one of our laser hair removal technicians, for instance, to have a long chat about what your worries are. Often getting information will help to calm your fears. You may also consider coming in with a friend and watching them get it, or starting on a very small patch of skin instead of a large one.

If you are tired of being held hostage by your fear, call 866-708-8645 to schedule your free consultation. The team at Body Details is happy to answer questions about laser hair removal and what to expect during your treatment.

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