Is a Tattoo of Your Ex’s Name Getting in the Way of Dating?

laser hair removalWe’ve all done things we regret, especially during those rebellious years. Luckily, most of our poor decisions are left in the past where they belong along with our Myspace profiles and Linkin Park CDs.

However, a tattoo is a souvenir that sticks around long after it was trendy, and can often be a painful reminder of those not-so-thought-out moments of our youth. And when the tattoo is of an ex’s name, well, then you’ve hit the jackpot of regrettable ink. These tattoos are the number one reason for tattoo regret, and the only kind of tattoo that can seriously get in the way your dating life.

You and your significant other have probably discussed that tattoo dozens of times, but if those discussions haven’t yet convinced you to get rid of it, here are a few reasons why that tattoo of your ex’s name is getting in the way of intimacy and why you should start removal right away.

It’s a turn off

When you’re dressed up and out to dinner on date night, the last thing the person across the table wants to think about is your ex. But when his or her name is branded on your body, it’s difficult to avoid the discussion for very long. Especially if the tattoo is somewhere visible like your arm or neck. Your date may ignore its existence for a while, but how will he or she feel when the relationship gets serious? No one wants a constant reminder of the person his or her significant other was happy with previously. That tat is a definite turn off.

It causes petty arguments

Your lover is sick of looking at your ex’s name on your back, and you’re sick of him or her asking you to get it removed. You may think that it’s just a tattoo, but to your significant other, it’s a symbol of your entire relationship. He or she may see your desire to keep it as a betrayal or a sign of lingering feelings for you ex. Soon, your relationship will disintegrate into a series of arguments based on small, petty things that stem from underlying insecurities.

It ruins your sex life

Having your ex’s name tattooed on your body is like always having a third party in the bedroom – and not in a fun way. Even a glimpse of the ink can cause your partner’s mind to wander so far away from what’s going on in bed that they suddenly aren’t interested anymore. During intimate moments, seeing your tattoo of an ex’s name can cause insecurity and mental comparisons, which can seep into other areas of a relationship.

You’re marked territory

It’s natural to mark our territory to let others know what’s ours. People do it. Animals do it. Relationships are no different. Whether you’re updating your Facebook status or your fiancé’s putting a ring on your finger, we all want the world to know that our significant other is off limits. A tattoo of an ex’s name is a permanent sort of branding that makes you appear emotionally unavailable to the potential of a new relationship – especially if you refuse to consider having it removed.

It gets in the way of forming a healthy relationship

An ex can bring a decent amount of baggage to your next relationship. Usually, you’re able to keep this baggage stored away in a closet for the first six months or so, but when your ex’s name is tattooed on your body, it’s like throwing a piece of luggage in your new partner’s path for them to trip over each time the tattoo is visible. Baggage is better left unseen.

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