Laser Hair Removal for Muscle and Fitness

laser hair removalSpring is just around the corner, meaning everyone seems to be putting in overtime at the gym. Athletes, especially, are putting in that extra time in the weight room.

If you’re one of them, then you’ve noticed that men are getting rid of their chest, back, leg and arm hair left and right these days, demonstrating their dedication to fitness. Wrestlers are doing it. Swimmers are doing it. Runners are doing it. Bicyclists are doing it. Women have been doing it forever, so there has to be a method behind the madness, right?

While the thought of personal laser hair removal might make some men uncomfortable, the trend has grown considerably in the fitness world and the ladies love it. Athletes across the country are going bare for reasons such as their appearance, athletic abilities, and intimidation, but why should you do it? Here are a few benefits to going bare:

Muscles become more defined

Without those layers of long, dark hair hiding your assets, your muscles will stand out and appear more defined after permanent chest hair removal. Your chest especially will transform, as this is often where the thickest body hair is found. Have tattoos? On bare skin, tattoos will pop, as the image is no longer obscured by hair. All that time working on your abs will finally pay off and give you an excuse to take your shirt off more often this year.

Spend more time at the gym

Already spending two or more hours a week trimming your body hair? Does heading to the beach mean you need to spend an hour shaving the hair on your back first? Permanent back hair removal will get you more time in the gym, and less time attempting to take a razor to those hard to reach places. A few quick, and painless treatments will eliminate your shaving time as well as that annoying stubble that tends to sprout between shaves that women just can’t stand.

Step up your athletic game

Cyclists and swimmers have been going bare for years, and now runners are getting in on the trend. It’s been proven that removing hair from your arms and legs can increase speed and reduce resistance while swimming, and it is said to benefit the performance of other athletes as well. Eliminating hair makes the body feel lighter, and reduces any friction caused by clothing. Athletes have even claimed that full leg laser hair removal makes them appear to be more serious about their sport, and can be intimidate their competition.

Injuries are handled better

Even an injury as small as a scraped knee is more difficult to handle when hair surrounds the wound. If you’re in the middle of a marathon, you’re going to want to be able to take care of any injury quickly. After hair is removed, wounds heal quicker and bandages can be put on and removed without getting painfully stuck to body hair.

Massages become painless

If you’re a serious athlete then you’re accustomed to receiving regular massages to tend to your overworked muscles. And if you haven’t gone bare just yet, then you’re also accustomed to the pain associated with hundreds of tiny hairs being repeatedly tugged at with each rub down, and lotion sticking to your hairs rather than moisturizing your skin. Going bare will eliminate this discomfort.

Sweat reduction

Working out tends to cause some serious sweat, and even though the glistened look can be attractive on some men, the smell that comes with it most certainly is not. Without hair, your body temperature will naturally drop, producing less sweat and more importantly, less stench.

Stop wasting time shaving! Laser hair removal can reach places your razor simply cannot, and the effects will last a lifetime. You’ll never again need to ask a friend to pour hot wax or shaving cream on your back. And women will love the smooth, soft effect left on skin after treatment.

Learn about laser hair removal and what to expect from true laser experts. Body Details True Laser Hair and Tattoo Removal is the only company that offers a free lifetime guarantee. With several locations throughout South Florida and the convenience of night and weekend hours, be sure to schedule a free consultation now by calling 866-708-8645 or visiting us at one of our laser treatment centers.

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