Successfully Get Rid of Razor Bumps Forever

razor bumps
Razor bumps are an unsightly problem many people experience when they choose shaving as their hair removal method. Razor bumps tend to appear on more sensitive skin areas, including the bikini zone, face and neck. If you’ve experienced them, you’ve probably tried preventive measures ranging from shaving techniques and creams to waxing and plucking.

Well, we have bad news and good news for you.

The bad news is what you are doing now won’t get rid of those bumps forever. The good news is that laser treatment for hair removal will. When you choose laser hair removal, you choose a lifetime of smooth, sexy skin — with zero maintenance.

Feel Free to Flaunt Your Skin

Ninety percent of patients report permanent hair loss after an average of three to five sessions, with most clients requiring five to ten sessions for the treated area to be completely hair-free. That means that the sooner you begin your laser hair removal journey, the closer you get to the skin you’ve always dreamed of.

It should be a no-brainer that in order to get the best possible results, you’ll want to work with the most experienced certified laser professionals with top-of-the-line laser hair removal technology. Laser hair removal should not be a one-size-fits-all process, and if you work with the best in the business, it won’t be. The most experienced laser hair removal professionals will use the Fitzpatrick Skin Type Chart to evaluate each patient’s skin type to ensure the best hair-removal results. Plus they will use a multi-wavelength medical grade True Laser such as the Candela Gentle Max Pro rather than a beauty grade IPL laser system that is less effective at permanently removing unwanted hair.

Consider the Savings with Laser Hair Removal

Think about all the time, money, and effort you’ve put into hair removal over the years, only to have the razor bumps appear again and again. This is the time to look into a more permanent solution. Instead of waxing and shaving for the rest of your life, you can go through the laser hair removal process once — and enjoy the lifetime guarantee that comes with a certified, professional experience. This is the time to do your research and consider quality ahead of quick deals. After all, if you’re considering laser hair removal, you’re going to want it done right.

Once you’ve decided to go for laser hair removal, it’s important to find a clinic that uses True Lasers—the safest and most effective technology on the market today for laser hair removal and even tattoo sleeve removal. The vast majority of patients — over 95 percent — achieve outstanding results. So instead of wasting yet another year of waxing and shaving, eliminate the risk of razor bumps and give yourself the gift of laser hair removal.

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