Gift Laser Hair Removal for No-Maintenance Manscaping

laser hair removalDoes your guy ask you to assist him when he’s shaving his back, neck, or any other hard to reach places? Does the stubble on his chest scratch your cheek when you rest your head against it?

Then it’s time to consider a permanent hair removal method for him. Laser hair removal isn’t just for the ladies, and gifting your guy with a few treatments will benefit you as well. Find a laser clinic that offers hair removal near you in seconds! Learn more about laser hair removal and what to expect. Here’s how:

It’s Less Work For You

If you’re in charge of keeping his back hair-free, then gifting him with a few laser hair removal treatments will be a gift for you as well. You’ll no longer be stuck shaving his back or counting to three before painfully ripping off one of his wax strips. Choosing laser hair removal will produce less work for you and less pain for your man. His treatments will free up your time together so that you’re able to focus on more exciting aspects of your relationship than his hairy back.

No More Stubble

Cuddling with your guy can be painful if he shaves his chest hair. Even if he wears a t-shirt, the stubble always manages to poke through somehow as a clean shave rarely lasts an entire day.  Get yourself the gift of a painless cuddle, free of cheek irritation and scratch marks, with laser hair removal. He’ll love that he no longer has to shave, and you’ll love his sexy, smooth abs.

He’ll Look Sexier

A hairless chest and back will redefine your man’s bod, revealing the physique that neither of you realized existed. Similar to tanning, hair removal will give his muscles a more distinct, flawless appearance. Even he’ll see the difference when he’s finally rid of the stubble and those migrant patches of hair, giving him the confidence and sex appeal you crave. Maybe he’ll finally even get rid of that unibrow for good! Laser hair removal will make him look years younger, and give him soft, smooth skin you won’t be able to take your hands off of.

He’ll Smell Better

Hair naturally absorbs sweat, causing that locker room smell women just can’t stand. Men do their best to cover it up, and end up choking us with their Axe spray and deodorants. Laser hair removal will severely reduce the amount your guy sweats, as it will naturally cool the body down. On top of that, there won’t be any hair left to absorb what sweat he does produce, providing him with a natural cure for body odor.

Opt For Hair Reduction

If a bare chest isn’t your thing, but your guy’s body hair is getting out of control, laser technology can be used to thin out hair as well. It’s especially great for facial hair that grows back too quickly. Guys tend to like this option as it makes shaving easier, and reduces ingrown hairs and irritation. They’ll still feel manly with their thinned out beards and chest hair, but you won’t feel like you’re sleeping next to a grizzly bear each night. It’s win-win!

Bond Over Treatments

You nap together, watch movies together, and now you can get your laser hair removal treatments together. Hold his hand and bring your relationship to a new level beneath the lights of the laser while he gets his laser back hair removal done you have your bikini line laser hair removal taken care of. Afterwards, you can grab some dinner and bond over whose skin is smoother.

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