Your Best Beach Secret: Silky Smooth Skin That Lasts

laser hair removalYour skin can be your greatest asset if cared for properly, and often that means simply hydrating and moisturizing. However, body hair causes most of your skin’s imperfections, whether it it’s due to irritation during removal or natural blemishes.

When you find hair removal near you, you can help to prevent these flaws, keeping your skin silky smooth for years to come. So, before you hit the beach, see what’s preventing you from having flawless skin and learn what can be done about it:


Pimples start deep within your hair follicles, which are surrounded by oil producing glands. Sweating causes these glands to overproduce oil, resulting in acne and black heads. This is especially prevalent on the face, back, and chest. Removing body hair will prevent sweat from being absorbed by the hairs and building in your pours, significantly reducing the number of white heads and black heads on your skin.

Ingrown Hairs

When body hair can’t find its way through the skin, it grows sideways or downwards, developing reddened skin irritations. Nearly impossible to avoid, they can only be treated by exfoliating the area or plucking them, both which are known to cause further irritation and sometimes bleeding. Laser hair removal will eliminate hair completely, preventing your skin from developing ingrown hairs and keeping it looking healthy. Areas with thick, coarse hair are especially prone to these conditions, and laser treatments can be used to thin the hair to avoid these kinds of irritations. This is popular among men who don’t want to go bare, but want healthier looking skin.


An eyesore for your bikini line, razor burn can truly put a damper on a beach day. Rather than be forced to wear a wrap or cover-up, ditch shaving all together. Get a smooth, soft result with laser hair removal and never have to worry about razor burn again. And while your razor isn’t exactly a deadly weapon, you’ve probably sliced yourself while trying to shave in the past. These cuts commonly don’t heal properly as they’re in a spot that is regularly shaved, and the wound is often reopened. Occasionally, it’ll even scar. Laser hair removal will allow you to get rid of your razors for good, giving your skin a natural, healthy appearance.


Not only is waxing extremely painful, but it completely wrecks your skin. It doesn’t just cause irritation and red bumps, but can lead to other conditions as well. It’s not uncommon for your skin to breakout or for a few pimples to pop up after a wax appointment. Your skin is also more likely to produce ingrown hairs, as hair follicles are completely removed during the waxing process, making you more prone to these inflammations. Bruising and burning, while less likely, are also risks when using hot wax, and will surely prevent you from having flawless, smooth skin. Avoid waxing if you’ve experienced these conditions, and consider alternative hair removal methods that produce more flattering results.

Dry Skin

If your skin is dry and cracking, your body hair might be getting in the way. When you apply moisturizer, areas of your body with naturally thicker hair such as your legs and arms don’t absorb the lotion as well. Instead, it get stuck in the hairs, dries, and flakes off without ever penetrating your skin.

Flawless skin is the best-kept secret to looking sexy on the beach. Going bare with laser hair removal will help prevent all of these skin conditions, giving it the healthy appearance that will change the way your skin looks forever. Learn more about laser hair removal and what to expect from true laser experts. Body Details True Laser Hair and Tattoo Removal is the only company that offers a free lifetime guarantee. With several locations throughout South Florida and with the convenience of night and weekend hours, be sure to schedule a free consultation now by calling 866-708-8645 or visit one of our cosmetic and laser centers.

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