Why a Tattoo Looks More Vibrant After a Laser Removal Session

It’s hard to know what to expect when you’re looking for tattoo removal places near you. The internet is littered with horror stories and photos, but no matter how many people you ask, there’s no way to know how your skin will react to the lasers.

Everyone’s skin reacts differently because there are hundreds of combinations of skin types. Additionally, the ink used, the age of your tattoo, and your tattoo artist’s experience level also affect results.

Some people who’ve undergone laser tattoo removal treatments experience a more vibrant-looking tattoo. Not to fret, this is perfectly normal! In fact, this is a sign that the treatment is working. Lasers are designed to break up ink particles, making it easier for your body’s immune system to get rid of them. As your immune system eliminates these smaller particles, your tattoo will begin to fade.

Other Things to Expect After Your Laser Tattoo Removal Session


Immediately after your laser tattoo removal session, you’ll notice that the area around your tattoo appears white. This is due to the release of carbon dioxide from your skin and is a sign that your skin absorbed the lasers well. The white appearance usually fades within a few minutes.

Redness and Swelling

After about 20 minutes, you may feel sore, and your skin will likely be red. The areas where the laser hit your skin should be obvious because the skin will be raised and slightly swollen. This is a good opportunity to make sure the laser technician didn’t miss a spot, which can occur with large, abstract tattoos.


While blisters may seem scary or make you think you’ve had a bad reaction to the lasers, they are actually a common occurrence. Most likely, your licensed medical laser technician will recommend that you leave the blisters alone or come back to the laser clinic to have them popped. If you aren’t the type of person who can let blisters heal on their own, know that there’s a higher risk of scarring by forcibly popping them.


Within a day or two of your treatment, you may start to see some bruising. This can cause your tattoo to look darker and more vibrant, but this is deceiving. After the bruises heal and several weeks have passed, you will begin to see results. It takes time for your body’s immune system to get rid of the ink particles, and everyone’s body works at different speeds.

Fading isn’t always obvious after the first laser tattoo removal session, but rest assured that it’s working! The first session targets the deeper ink, which can result in few changes to ink that is closer to the skin’s surface.

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