5 Things to Avoid Before Laser Hair Removal Treatments

hair removal treatmentsLaser hair treatment is a medical procedure that requires a licensed medical technician and proper client preparation. It’s important to know what everyday activities you should avoid before scheduling your appointment because they can significantly affect your results.

For example, even a small amount of stubble will prevent you from undergoing treatment and force you to reschedule. Here are five other things to be aware of before your laser hair removal treatment.

The Sun and Tanning

Spending time in the sun or tanning prior to a laser hair removal treatment can result in hyperpigmentation of the skin that can last for years. It’s best to avoid the sun for at least six weeks prior to undergoing laser hair removal treatments. Additionally, sun exposure will make hair removal less effective and is likely to cause skin irritation and possibly blistering.

Waxing and Plucking

Any form of hair removal that extracts or damages the hair roots should be avoided for a minimum of six weeks prior to your laser hair removal treatments. This is crucial because the laser has to target the hair’s root in order for the treatment to be successful. Waxing, plucking, and hair removal creams remove the entire hair follicle, making it impossible for lasers to work. It will take a minimum of six weeks for the hair follicle to regrow.


It’s critical to shave within 24 hours prior to undergoing laser hair removal. Even a small amount of stubble can damage the laser and cause unnecessary pain, hyperpigmentation, and burns.

Dirty Razors

Dirty razors leave behind bacteria that can cause contact dermatitis after a laser hair removal treatment. Contact dermatitis is a delayed allergic reaction that results from contact with an allergen. The day before your laser hair removal treatment, shave with a brand-new, clean razor.


If you’re feeling even slightly nervous about your treatment, it’s best to avoid coffee and all other forms of caffeine for 24 hours beforehand. Caffeine heightens anxiety and having the jitters will make the laser hair removal technician’s job even harder.

By avoiding the sun, waxing or plucking, stubble, old and dirty razors, and your daily coffee, you can ensure a stress-free laser hair removal session with little risk of side effects. Now that you know how to prepare and what to avoid, your next step is to schedule an appointment at a nearby laser hair removal clinic. Body Details True Laser Hair and Tattoo Removal allows you to spend less time shaving and more time living life with our free lifetime guarantee. With convenient night and weekend hours, we make it easy for you to fit your sessions into your schedule. Before you buy another set of razors, visit one of the best laser centers near you or call 866-708-8645 to schedule your free laser hair removal consultation.