Reduce Workout Sweat with Laser Hair Removal

hair removalThe main cause of sweat is overheating and moving around, both of which are impossible to avoid during a workout.

While everyone sweats at different rates, the location is often the same: the underarms, chest, back, and face. Hair removal can significantly reduce how much you sweat during your workout because hair acts like a barrier that prevents body heat from being released. It also reduces the intensity of your body odor because hair tends to carry more bacteria than skin alone.

With today’s full body laser hair removal technology, you’re able to choose to go completely bare or just lighten the load to reduce sweating. Here’s how this will benefit you during your workout.

Less Absorbency

Your body hair naturally absorbs sweat, giving off a horrid body odor. Removing or thinning out your hair gives your sweat less to cling to, allowing it to dry faster or drip from your body. Laser hair removal offers the option of complete hair removal, giving sweat no hair to cling to, or thinner hair, giving sweat less hair to cling to. Either way, you’ll significantly lessen your BO.

Breathable Skin

Your body hair is designed to maintain your body’s heat, but if you find yourself overheating at the gym, then laser hair removal is the perfect solution. Complete hair removal will significantly reduce your body temperature. Even thinning the hair on your legs can make a difference and allow you to go harder at the gym.

Irritation Reduction

When sweat begins to collect in your body hair, irritation often follows. You may find red and irritated skin similar to diaper rash under your arms, on your chest, or on your legs after a long workout. This is due to moisture buildup or friction caused by your sweat and hair rubbing against your clothing and other body parts. Complete hair removal will prevent these irritations from forming and keep your body drier. Other irritants, such as razor burn, blemishes, and ingrown hairs can also be prevented with laser hair removal.

The Ability to Workout Longer

Laser hair removal can significantly decrease your core body temperature, which will increase your stamina. After treatment, you will find that you don’t overheat as easily. This reduces your odds of developing dizziness and nausea, which are likely to prompt you to quit your workout early.

Laser hair removal can benefit your workout in other ways as well. For example, competitive athletes often use hair removal as a way to reduce air resistance. This is most common among swimmers and bikers.

As a bonus, laser hair removal will provide you with soft, hairless skin for a lifetime.

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