How to Manage Your Most Troubling Hair Removal Areas

hair removalBoth men and women have trouble spots when it comes to hair removal. Men in particular need assistance to remove hair from hard-to-reach areas such as the back. Plus, our bodies are all shaped differently, and not all razors are made for that challenge.

If you’re looking to upgrade your hair removal method, consider laser hair removal for your trouble spots. Here are a few places you’ll benefit.


Everyone’s underarms are shaped differently, making some more difficult to shave than others. This is especially problematic for those with deep-set underarms that create a pocket that razors can’t maneuver. Laser hair removal is the best hair removal method under these circumstances because the technology used during laser hair removal treatments will have no trouble eliminating hair from even the deepest underarms.


For men, the most troubling hair removal area is likely the shoulder blades, neck, and lower back because these are impossible to reach with a razor without assistance. You can relieve your male friends from this duty by giving the gift of laser hair removal, which can easily get to hair in all of those hard-to-reach places. Both lone hairs and patches are effortlessly removed with this technology, so men can enjoy a lifetime of a hairless back.

Bikini Line

You shave regularly, but the hair just keeps growing back. Waxing isn’t permanent either. Worse, both of these hair removal methods can cause blemishes and ingrown hairs, giving your skin a reddened, bumpy appearance. Undergoing laser hair removal will give your bikini line a smooth, flawless finish that you’ll be able to flaunt at the beach all summer.

Chest and Abs

Chest hair has always been a nuisance for men. You may not want to remove it completely, but it may be too thick to manage. Laser treatments can thin out the hair, giving you the option of going bare or keeping it furry yet manageable. When you undergo treatments, your chest hair becomes more controllable, and ingrown hairs and blemishes become less common. This method of thinning body hair can also be performed on the legs, back, or face – anywhere you have hair that you’re having trouble managing.


For women, removing all leg hair can be challenging. There always seems to be a missed spot, whether it’s a random patch on the back of your calf or all of the hair on your ankle. The knees in particular are difficult to maneuver a razor around. Laser hair removal rids your legs of hair completely, eliminating the possibility of forgotten patches of hair, not to mention the risk of small cuts and scars.

Facial Hair

Facial hair is a big problem for both men and women. While men may only want to thin it out, women always want to get rid of it completely. Both are possible with permanent facial hair removal. If you’re having a difficult time maintaining the thickness of your beard, and it’s causing you blemishes and ingrown hairs, thinning it out with laser hair removal may be the best option. Likewise, if you’re a woman with embarrassing upper lip or chin hair, laser hair removal will make it disappear, enabling makeup to be applied more easily.

Knuckles and Toes

Often forgotten until they’re wildly overgrown, knuckles and toes can be embarrassingly hairy for women. Plucking and shaving only last so long. A few quick laser treatments will allow you to forget about these trouble areas for good.

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