Laser Hair Removal Miami – Appointment Preparation

Opting for painless laser hair removal is an exciting improvement to your usual personal grooming routine. Once the sessions are complete and your hair removal is permanent, you will soon forget what it was like to have to shave away unwanted hair daily. No more costly replacement razor cartridges, no more hassle every time you shower. Instead, you will be more comfortable and confident in your own skin every single day after a few trips to one of our top cosmetic laser centers!

As your laser hair removal Miami appointment approaches, it’s time to start thinking about what you need to do to ensure a successful treatment. Some of the preparation needs to begin some weeks prior to your appointment while there are also a couple of simple things to do within the day or two leading into your visit. Here are the necessary steps to take in your laser hair removal Miami appointment preparation:

Visit for a Free Consultation

The earliest step in preparing for laser hair removal is to set up a complimentary laser hair removal consultation and visit the facility. There, you will meet the medical professionals and see the office in its full glory. You can visualize yourself being there as you wait for your appointment, and you can learn all about the technology, the credentials of your treatment specialists, and anything else you may wish to know. Once you’ve completed your consultation, you can typically schedule your first laser hair removal session for the near future.

Discontinue Hair Removal Efforts Except for Shaving

Laser hair removal works by traveling down the hair shaft and into the bulb, disabling the hair follicle. Hair needs to be in an active state of growth for results to be successful and lasting. For this reason, it is important that you abstain from plucking, tweezing, waxing, epilating, and having electrolysis treatments for six weeks before your scheduled session. You may continue to shave as often as you’d like, and be sure to shave with a fresh razor within 24 to 48 hours of your laser hair removal appointment unless otherwise instructed by your treatment provider. This routine allows the laser to focus its energy most efficiently on the lowest part of the hair.

Avoid Sun Exposure on Areas to Be Treated

Tanning is a no-no leading up to your laser hair removal appointment. You should avoid sun exposure to the areas you are having treated for six weeks prior to your appointment and again for six weeks after the treatment. If your skin becomes much darker, it can sometimes interfere with the laser’s effectiveness on unwanted hair, and it also makes complications more likely.

Ask Questions

Before your appointment, be sure to discuss laser hair removal costs so you are aware of payment options and terms for your services. You may find you have other questions to ask about preparations, the actual hair removal treatment, or the hours and days following your treatment. You can always call the office at any time before or after your treatment with questions.

Laser Hair Removal Miami – Free Lifetime Guarantee

Be sure to remember Body Details is the only company that guarantees the results of your laser hair removal for life at no additional cost. If you notice new hair growth any time after your sessions have completed, simply get in touch with us for a complimentary touchup. Body Details has several facilities in Miami offering convenient scheduling with night and weekend hours, as well as traditional daytime visits. Contact us to schedule your free consultation, where we’ll answer all your questions about laser hair removal and what to expect during your session.

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