Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt?

hair removal, laser removal, laser hair treatmentOne of the biggest reservations people have about body laser hair removal is the fear that it might cause pain. Lasers may sound scary, but laser technology has come a long way since it first hit the market as a solution for unwanted hair.

Most clients compare the sensation of laser hair removal treatments to the slight pinch that occurs when a rubber band is snapped against skin. Some clients feel no pain.

Those who are unsure about how they’ll react to laser hair removal treatments may be relieved to know that most laser clinics now offer several solutions to numb the skin. A Dynamic Cooling Device, or a DCD, is the most popular option that laser clinics offer. A cooling burst of cryogen is dispersed over the area being treated. The cold air numbs the outer layer of the skin, minimizing the pain. Others offer topical numbing creams. These are sold at most pharmacies, so they’re easily accessible if your laser clinic can’t provide them.

They say pain is beauty, but it doesn’t have to be. For centuries, women have undergone painful beauty treatments, many of which are still practiced today. Here are some beauty trends we still use that are considered more painful than laser hair removal.

Waxing at Home or in a Salon

Regardless of the area being treated, waxing is always a painful experience and can even be dangerous, yet people continue to have it done. The pain of waxing doesn’t only come from the hair removal itself—waxing is the hair removal method that is most prone to accidents. Burns can range from mild to severe, making this treatment the most painful hair removal technique.

Plucking or Tweezing Hairs

Aside from being tedious, plucking in certain areas can lead to sensitivity and serious pain. Tweezing is a great technique for touching up the eyebrows or grabbing one pesky chin hair, but a pair of tweezers isn’t going to do much for your bikini line. Since tweezing is both time consuming and painful, most find laser hair removal to be more appealing and less agonizing.

Brushing out a Knot in Your Hair

How often do you brush a big, nasty knot out of your hair? If you can handle this, you’ll have no problem with laser hair removal.

Using Depilatory Hair Removal Products

Any lotion, oil, or cream that removes unwanted hair is considered a depilatory product. They’re known for working sparsely or not at all, and they often create an intense burning sensation when applied. As you may already know, this torturous irritation will send you running for the shower long before the time limit on the product label elapses. Conversely, laser hair removal renders hardly more than a pinch, and the sensation will pass as soon as the procedure ends.

Using Harsh Acne Treatments

Acne treatments are designed to help clear the skin, but some cause stinging and burning. This is particularly painful when using products that contain alcohol on skin that is sensitive or covered in open acne sores. Undergoing laser hair removal treatments on the face will feel like nothing compared to dabbing that acne solution over your delicate pores.

As a bonus, laser hair removal treatments will help reduce breakouts. This is because ingrown hairs and oil trapped in hair follicles cause breakouts. By eliminating the hair, most of your acne will be eliminated as well.

Going to the Dentist

No one likes to get his or her teeth cleaned, but we all manage to survive the dentist appointments. Undergoing laser hair removal treatments is a walk in the park compared to the pain your dentist puts you through each year – and laser hair removal is permanent. After a few short sessions, you’ll never have to go back.

If you aren’t yet convinced that laser hair removal hardly hurts, hear what fashion blogger Emilie Sobel from Soul in Stilettos had to say about her experience. She recently visited Body Details Laser Hair and Tattoo Removal Clinic for her second leg hair removal session and talked about her experience in the video below. Follow her into the treatment room, where you’ll see the licensed medical laser technician graph out sections of her legs with a piece of chalk. Emilie is smiling and taking selfies throughout the entire process.

Stop wasting time worrying about what laser hair removal will feel like and head to the nearest Body Details Laser Hair and Tattoo Removal Clinic to find out. Our trained licensed medical laser technicians always use a DCD to numb a client’s skin during treatment. They also offer topical numbing creams. We have several locations in the South Florida area, and each one has night and weekend hours to suit your busy schedule. Body Details is the only laser hair removal clinic that guarantees its work, and we offer a free laser hair removal lifetime guarantee to all of our clients. Don’t wait—schedule your free consultation for laser hair removal now or call 1-866-708-8645.

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