The Science Behind Laser Tattoo Removal

tattoo removal, laser removalAs laser tattoo removal technology continues to improve, it has many people asking questions about the science behind these lasers.

This is understandable because laser tattoo removal caused problems for clients when it first hit the market. But things have changed, and those who were too scared to undergo the procedure years ago want to understand what makes today’s lasers so different. The simple answer is that lasers are now available in multiple wavelengths that work on different kinds of skin and varying colors of ink. The science behind laser tattoo removal is a bit more complex.

Laser Wavelengths

Each laser tattoo removal laser emits a particular wavelength of energy, which is measured in nanometers (nm). It’s important for those who have dark or tanned skin to be treated with the proper laser, so the pigment of their skin isn’t removed. This was one of the major problems with older lasers, which low-grade laser clinics still use. Having a trained licensed medical technician perform treatments is the only way to ensure that you’ll be treated with the proper laser for your tattoo color and skin type.

The following are the measured wavelengths currently available for lasers used in tattoo removal:

1064 nm Wavelength

  • Ideal for removing black and dark-colored tattoos
  • Can treat a wide range of skin types

532 nm Wavelength

  • Most effective for removing red, violet, orange, yellow, and brown inks
  • Can treat a wide range of skin types

694 nm Wavelength

  • Ideal for removing blue and green inks, such as lime green, teal, and turquoise
  • Can remove black ink that was resistant to 1064 nm wavelengths

755 nm Wavelength

  • Ideal for treating colors in the green and blue family
  • Can treat black inks
  • Cannot remove red ink because it’s a red laser

Types of Lasers

There are many brands that offer advanced lasers for tattoo removal, but the top of the line is PicoWay. Its lasers provide dual wavelengths, so it’s able to treat a wider variety of skin colors and types than any other brand. Having the ability to distribute multiple wavelengths also enables the PicoWay laser to reach deeper layers of skin, essentially breaking up even the lightest ink colors.

Most laser clinics prefer to use PicoWay lasers because they give off short pulses that prevent the laser from damaging skin pigment or causing scars. PicoWay lasers create a photo-mechanical impact on the skin rather than a photo-thermal impact. The former targets the tattoo’s ink without damaging or disturbing the skin. The latter emits a lot of heat that breaks up the ink but also causes hyperpigmentation and scarring. Since the pulses that the PicoWay lasers release are 40% shorter than other lasers, the risk of damaging healthy skin tissue is limited.

The Body’s Reaction

Each wavelength the laser emits will target and hit the melanin of the ink in your tattoo, which is located in the dermis layer of the skin. The ink breaks down into smaller particles that are easier for your body’s immune system to carry away. Your body treats the broken-down ink as waste and eliminates it through your sweat glands, urinary tract, and fecal matter. The lasers speed up the natural fading process that your body will conduct over time even without lasers. For this reason, your tattoo will continue to break down even if months have passed since your last laser removal session, albeit at a slower pace.

When laser tattoo removal is performed properly, side effects are typically minimal. Swelling, redness, and slight irritation should be expected. Occasionally, clients experience blistering and slight bleeding, but this is also considered a normal reaction. It might take a few sessions before you notice a significant difference in the color of your tattoo because ink typically leaves the deepest layers of the skin first.

Don’t wait any longer to get rid of your unwanted ink. If laser tattoo removal is something you’ve been considering, the sooner you start, the sooner you’ll have your clean canvas back. This video highlights the top five reasons people start laser tattoo removal treatments.

To ensure that you get the results you want, it’s important to see a licensed medical laser technician. At Body Details Laser Hair and Tattoo Removal Clinic, all of our staff members hold medical degrees and are trained to use PicoWay lasers. We have several locations in the South Florida area that offer night and weekend hours, so it’s never been easier to schedule an appointment that works with your busy schedule. Body Details is the only laser tattoo removal clinic that guarantees its work. We offer a free laser hair removal lifetime guarantee to all of our clients. Schedule your free consultation now or call 1-866-708-8645.

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