Eyebrow Styles Through the Years

eyebrow looks, eyebrow stylingLike all styles and beauty trends, the shape of women’s eyebrows has changed over the years. Here’s a decade-by-decade look at how women have plucked, shaped, and drawn their eyebrows to accentuate their features.


Known as the Roaring Twenties, many women got their ideas for beauty styles from actresses in silent films. One actress was Clara Bow, who plucked most of her eyebrows off before penciling them in with a black pencil line that dipped at the arch and extended beyond the outer corner of the eye. Soon, women everywhere were doing the same.


In the ‘30s, women still overplucked and penciled in their brows, but following actresses, they drew them in with more of a curve. The thin line was thought to add drama to a woman’s face.


The ‘40s started a softer, less dramatic look for women. Eyebrows were left to grow thicker, but they were still shaped to have a dramatic arch.


During the time of actresses such as Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, and Audrey Hepburn, a full face of makeup was in style. Brows were thick with a defined arch. Similar to the ‘40s, eyebrows in the ‘50s brought back the dramatic penciled-in darkness that was popular in the earlier 1900s.


In the ‘60s, many popular actresses shaved off their eyebrows completely and penciled them in with small, hair-like lines. Sound familiar? This trend has come back as a way to fill in thin brows and is currently making its rounds on Instagram and YouTube.


During the hippie movement of the ‘70s, women were all about going natural. Grooming the hair became a thing of the past along with the need for a bra. Women plucked far less and let their eyebrows go wild.


The trend from the ‘70s continued into the ‘80s, when dark, bushy brows were all the rage. You may remember Madonna, Brooke Shields, and other celebrities rocking this look back then.


The ‘90s mixed those who held onto the trend from the ‘80s and those, like Drew Barrymore and Pamela Anderson, who sported thin, rounded eyebrows that matched the color of their hair.

Today’s Eyebrow Trends

It seems like you can’t scroll through social media feeds without encountering a tutorial video about how to perfect your brows. From filler pencils to gels and even hair that can be glued on, it’s safe to say that thick eyebrows are back. And thanks to the internet, we don’t have to guess how celebrities are making this work.

Eyebrow trends seem to change often, and there’s no doubt that thin eyebrows will be back in style before we know it. However, unibrows and hair that grows far below the arch will never be on trend. If you suffer from excess hair in these areas, do yourself a favor and reduce maintenance with permanent hair removal. Permanent hair removal treatments eliminate hair in unwanted areas, making eyebrow upkeep a breeze. Additionally, permanent hair removal with medical lasers eliminates ingrown hairs and blemishes, giving your face a smoother, more flawless appearance.

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