Top 6 Places Men Should Consider Permanent Hair Removal

hair removal for men

For years, women were the biggest consumers in the hair removal industry. But times have changed and now men are opting for hair removal to keep up with grooming, getting rid of hair in hard-to-reach places and thinning out hair to prevent ingrown hairs and to decrease irritation during workouts.

Additionally, the realization that many women prefer a well-groomed, bare-chested man has sent men rushing to find permanent laser hair removal near you for treatments. While most start with treatments on their chest or back, there are six more places that you should consider.

1. The Back of the Neck

Men with short hair are always getting touchups, seemingly every few weeks. Some go every six weeks, allowing the hair on their neck to grow in. Aside from the unkempt appearance, this look also gives off a caveman-like vibe. Since it’s nearly impossible to reach with a razor without assistance, you should absolutely consider permanent hair removal on the back of the neck. Especially if you’re on the lazier side and tend to skip trims at the barber.

2. The Unibrow

Even though men have started to take better care of themselves thanks to the metrosexual trend, there are still far too many who are rocking a unibrow. There are few, if any, who can make a unibrow look good, but this can be easily resolved with a few laser hair removal treatments.

3. Ears

Hairy ears aren’t just a problem for older men. Guys with dark hair tend to develop this problem early in life, occasionally leaving it up to their barber to remove. But a hairy ear stands out, especially to ladies.

4. The Neck

Shaving under the chin causes severe irritation, especially for men with thick, unruly facial hair. Worse, razors cause hair to grow back improperly, leading to ingrown hairs and blemishes. Even those who keep a little scruff or grow full-blown beards maintain the area under their chin, usually keeping the area beneath the jawline smooth to better define their facial hair. Laser hair removal is the only hair removal method that will improve the look and feel of your skin and eliminate razor burn and other factors that cause bumps and blemishes.

5. Shoulders

A man’s shoulders and upper back always seem to grow random patches of hair, and they only seem to get bigger and thicker with age. Without the assistance of a friend or a hair removal technician, these areas are practically impossible to tend to, making permanent hair removal the ideal solution. Aside from your back looking smooth and flawless, a bare back will severely decrease sweat production and blemishes.

6. The Nose

Many men suffer from small, dark hairs that grow on the top of their nose. They can be plucked one by one but these, too, tend to get thicker and more unruly as men age. Laser hair removal can eliminate these hairs and prevent regrowth by targeting the dark pigment of the hair.

Laser hair removal provides men with the only permanent hair removal option. Not only does it keep you well-groomed, it reduces the time you spend in a barber’s chair. Head to Body Details True Laser Hair and Tattoo Removal today – we’re the only laser hair removal treatment center that provides clients with a free laser hair removal lifetime guarantee. Our South Florida locations offer convenient night and weekend hours, so our clients can always find time for treatments. Schedule your free consultation for laser hair removal now at or by calling 866-708-8645.

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