Blonde Ambition: Fair-Skinned Seeking Laser Hair Removal

Full body hair removal is an increasingly popular beauty treatment, especially as more people seek permanent, effective hair removal. Women and men of all skin types and tones are looking to achieve smooth, beautiful skin that they can feel comfortable in. The good news is that most people can certainly be candidates for laser hair removal. However, those with very light or blonde hair are more challenging to treat. That’s because when it comes to permanent hair removal, it all starts with the pigment. But with the right treatment, lighter-haired clients can toss their razors and cancel their waxing appointments for good.

It’s All About the Pigment

Traditional laser hair removal works when the heat created by the laser focuses on the pigment in hair, making it unable to grow. The darker the hair’s pigment, or color, the more the heat is attracted to the hair follicle and the more effective the treatment becomes. But with hair that has low amounts of pigment, like blonde, red, or grey, the process isn’t as efficient and hair often regrows.

Different Equipment for Different Folks

But there is a solution. New innovations in laser hair removal technology have led to advances with higher intensity lasers that can target the limited pigment and still effectively disable the hair follicle from producing more hair.

At Body Details, we use the Candela Genlemax Pro Laser to treat all skin and hair types. This top-of-the-line laser is effective for light hair in the hands of an experienced laser technician. We also use the Fitzpatrick skin type chart to sort you into one of six hair and skin combination categories, which will help us better address your needs. The right technician will know how to provide the most effective, customized treatment for you.

Preparation Is Key

Even though the hair is finer, thinner, and lighter, blondes still need to properly prepare for laser hair removal. Without the proper preparation, the effectiveness will decrease and the results will not be what you’re looking for.

  • Avoid tanning, both in and out of beds, for at least four weeks before treatment sessions.
  • Stop waxing and tweezing. To work correctly, the laser must focus on the hair follicle, which can be pulled out during waxing and tweezing.
  • Shave one to two days before your scheduled treatment session. Hair should be less than an eighth of an inch long for optimal treatment success.

Schedule Your Free Consultation

With the newest laser hair removal technology, blondes can now enjoy smooth, hair-free skin. At Body Details, we use state-of-the-art True Lasers to make you hair-free no matter what color your hair is. Sit down for a free consultation with our professional team to discuss your laser hair removal options. With several South Florida body hair removal locations, convenient night and weekend hours, and a lifetime guarantee on services, there’s no reason to wait. Learn more about laser hair removal and what to expect during your free consultation today by calling 866-708-8645 or visiting one of our laser and skin centers.

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