New Technology for Tattoo Removal

Finding the best tattoo removal near you isn’t what it used to be. When the procedure first became popular, removal methods were far more invasive than they are today. Earlier methods included dermabrasion and surgical and chemical removals — all of which had the potential to lead to permanent damage and scarring. C02 lasers, infrared coagulation, and cauterization have also been used. Luckily, today’s methods are much safer, more effective, and leave the skin healthy and ink-free. If you’re looking for the best tattoo removal in South Florida, look no further!

Modern Tattoo Removal

At Body Details, we make sure our True Lasers™ work with your skin type and tattoo ink color to give you the best possible results. For most people, you will need at least 6 treatments spaced 8 to 10 weeks apart.

We also use the latest technology to keep you comfortable during your procedure. Many of our patients say the removal process feels less painful than having the tattoo put on. We start by numbing the area with an ice pack to prepare the skin. After that, we use s cryogenic device to cool the skin before, during, and after the laser tattoo removal treatment to keep the skin comfortable.

After treatment, you can go about virtually all of your regular activities while treating the area like a minor injury until it has fully healed.

New State-of-the-Art PicoWay Laser for Tattoo Removal

At Body Details, we aim to stay on the cutting edge of laser tattoo removal technology while keeping our skills and techniques sharp. We are consistently researching and adopting the best tools for the process. That’s why we are so excited to be the first company in South Florida to offer the Syneron-Candela PicoWay Laser. This laser has been creating a buzz because it boasts so many amazing effects. It’s a powerful picosecond laser that delivers laser pulses every trillionth of a second to give incredible results. It works for all skin types and ink colors, even on hard to remove colors like red, orange and yellow. This multi-wavelength technology has a higher rate of tattoo removal with fewer sessions, and because of the short duration of laser pulses, treatments are more comfortable. We pride ourselves in using the best possible laser technology — including the PicoWay laser — to give our clients that fresh, ink-free skin they’re looking for.

All-Inclusive Laser Tattoo Removal Packages

Even top-notch technology and expert experience can’t always predict what your body will need. Every tattoo and skin type may require more sessions or longer time between treatments. That’s why we have you come in for a free consultation first so we can properly measure the tattoo, determine the number of treatments needed to remove it, and create a customized package for the complete removal of your tattoo. If your tattoo needs more treatments than anticipated, your quoted price won’t change. Our Lifetime Guarantee also backs your results, so you can feel good about trusting us with your tattoo removal.

For laser tattoo removal in South Florida, Body Details True Laser Hair and Tattoo Removal has several locations with convenient night and weekend hours. We will provide you with a total package to cover all of your treatments, so you will know going into the process exactly how much it will cost. We believe in providing the best treatment possible, so our clients leave feeling confident and comfortable with their procedure. Set up your free consultation by calling 866.708.8645 or visiting our laser and cosmetic centers today!

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