5 Reasons Not to Try Tattoo Removal Wrecking Creams

tattoo removal, removal cream, tattoo removal creamWrecking creams were the go-to tattoo removal method when they first hit the market because they promised users fast, easy results by simply applying the cream to unwanted ink a few times a week.

They’re generally inexpensive, and the convenience of at-home use makes them appealing, but these products can often do more damage than they’re worth. They work by bleaching the skin, removing the pigment from the tattoo. Some of the more expensive products have a grainy texture and come with a device that removes the top layers of skin, similar to dermabrasion. This tattoo removal process seems simple, right? Here are five reasons to invest in more reliable tattoo removal methods.

Reason 1: Wrecking Creams Are Time Consuming

Although an at-home solution may sound simple and convenient, most of these creams require three or four applications per day. Other tattoo removal methods require you to be on location, but wrecking creams take more time overall. For example, laser tattoo removal typically takes 20 minutes per session, and treatments are performed every eight to 10 weeks. Depending on the location of your tattoo, wrecking cream can take a while to apply.

Reason 2: Wrecking Creams Are Messy

Having to apply wrecking cream several times a day means you’ll be applying it at work, before bed, in school, or during daily activities. Since they’re similar to the texture of Vaseline, more of the product will wind up on your clothes and sheets than absorbed into your skin.

Reason 3: Wrecking Creams Damage the Skin

The chemicals in these creams are designed to eliminate pigment and often remove the pigment of the skin as well. Wrecking creams are particularly harmful to those who have tanned or dark skin and can cause hypopigmentation. Additionally, these chemicals remove layers of the epidermis, leaving the skin raw and sensitive. Damage can be permanent and lead to scarring that will make a cover-up tattoo or laser tattoo removal much more difficult. Find professional tattoo removal near you when you call us!

Reason 4: You Aren’t a Professional

Yes, wrecking creams have been approved for at-home use, but many users neglect to follow the instructions. For example, frustration over slow results often leads to overuse of the product, causing extreme skin damage. Medical professionals, on the other hand, are trained to recognize the way the skin is reacting before permanent damage or hypopigmentation can take place. Additionally, they ensure that complete tattoo removal is achieved.

Reason 5: Wrecking Creams Are a Waste of Money

Compared to other tattoo removal methods, the price tag of most wrecking creams seems almost too good to be true. That’s because it is. Even though most companies promote these products as a way to achieve complete tattoo removal, they don’t actually do this. After months of use, most users only report slight fading or no difference at all. It makes more sense to save your money and apply it toward a more successful tattoo removal method, such as laser tattoo removal.

Laser tattoo removal is the only way to achieve complete removal. Advances in technology have resulted in lasers that produce different wavelengths, which are suitable for every color of ink. Body Details True Laser Hair and Tattoo Removal is the only treatment center that provides a free lifetime guarantee for tattoo removal results. Our late night and weekend hours make scheduling your free consultation easier than ever. Book your appointment now at or by calling 866-708-8645.

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