Wrecking Cream

Wrecking cream was developed as a cheap alternative to tattoo removal methods, such as laser tattoo removal and dermabrasion. Often, these products are marketed as a quick and easy tattoo removal method, claiming to achieve total removal in just a few months, but the chemicals in wrecking creams bleach the skin and often do more harm than good. Moreover, users have discovered that these creams only fade the ink and do not completely remove it. Because wrecking creams can severely damage skin, users may be forced to wait a long time for their skin to heal before they can get a cover-up tattoo or have laser tattoo removal performed.

Wrecking creams come in several forms, including gels and lotions, and typically need to be applied several times per day. Expensive brands come with a buffering tool that sands off layers of skin, but with no training or experience using such products, many users have suffered unsightly, permanent skin damage.

Wrecking creams do not offer the precision that other tattoo removal methods offer – they affect areas that users may not have intended. Results are often uneven and distorted. In addition to eliminating tattoo pigment, the bleach in wrecking creams also eliminates pigment in the skin. Fortunately, the skin pigment can often be restored.