Three Reasons You Might Be Forced to Get Laser Tattoo Removal in 2020

Tattoos are forever, but the images or words they depict don’t always last that long.

As things change with time, people are seeking out laser tattoo removal in 2020 more than ever before. Why? Well, bands break up and so do marriages, Google translate lets us know that the Chinese symbol we thought meant “hope” actually means “car garage,” and it’s never been easier for untrained tattoo artists to advertise their services, leaving people with some seriously embarrassing ink.

These unwanted tattoos might take up prime real estate on your skin, something that can be frustrating for tattoo aficionados. A tattoo cover up isn’t always possible, especially for those darker and better quality designs, forcing people to hide their ink with long sleeves, sweatshirts, pants, and even makeup or cover up creams, which can understandably become tedious over time. The technology surrounding laser tattoo removal has significantly improved over the years, and many people are having the procedure done—both for complete removal or to have their ink faded a bit to improve the appearance of a cover-up. When life takes you in a new direction and you just can’t stand to look at an old tattoo anymore, removal often becomes your only option.

Each passing year provides a new reason to get rid of that old ink, and these are just a few reasons to look into laser tattoo removal in 2020:

1. Your sports team moved to a new city

Sports related tattoos are insanely popular among fans, but what happens when your favorite team moves to a new city? It’s not as simple as buying a new jersey when the team’s logo is permanently inked on your skin, leaving more people than you’d think stuck with some outdated artwork. Let’s look at just a few teams that have permanently moved to a new city. Take Milwaukee. The original major league Milwaukee team was the Brewers, who were moved to St. Louis and renamed the St. Louis Browns in 1902. An MLB team wasn’t brought back to the city until 1953, when the Boston Braves were relocated and renamed the Milwaukee Braves, a team that (as we all know) was then moved to Atlanta. They were relocated that final time in 1966 and still remain the Atlanta Braves. A more recent change to a team in the MLB took place in 2005, when the Montreal Expos were moved to Washington D.C. and renamed the Washington Nationals.

The NBA is no better. Teams are constantly moving and changing names it seems. In 2002 the Charlotte Hornets moved to New Orleans; they changed their name to the Bobcats in 2004. When Hurricane Katrina destroyed the New Orleans in 2005, the team was forced to move to Oklahoma City. There they were called the New Orleans/Oklahoma City Hornets. In 2007 they moved back to New Orleans, where they retained that name until 2013 when they became the New Orleans Pelicans. Now, imagine you had a tattoo of any of these team names. Someone who isn’t familiar with sports history might think your ink was the product of either a lost bet or a seriously uninformed sports fan. If you have a sports tattoo that you regret, you might want to visit one of our laser skin clinics near you!

2. Your ink is no longer politically correct 

You might have thought it was funny at the time, or maybe you intentionally wanted to offend others with ink, but [politically incorrect] ( tattoos can drastically affect your life. The offensive content you’ve marked on your body will cause people to pass judgment before you’ve even opened your mouth. Tattoos like these often prevent people from getting their dream jobs, make dating difficult, and can be an embarrassing thing to explain to friends and family. These don’t sound like the kinds of conversation you wants to have for the rest of your life.

Whether people find your tattoo to be racist, sexist, or simply inappropriate, it sounds like it’s time to look into some removal options. Laser tattoo removal has come a long way since it was first developed, and it can now be used on any skin type or ink color. If you’re concerned about the pain, don’t be! Many people compare the sensation of laser tattoo removal to tiny rubber bands being snapped against the skin or similar to getting the tattoo itself. Often, those who can handle the pain of getting their ink have no problem dealing with the minor discomfort associated with its removal, but if you’re still concerned, this article mentions several common activities that are far more painful than laser tattoo removal.

3. Your child decides to change their name – laser tattoo removal

It’s not uncommon for new parents to get their child’s name tattooed somewhere on their body, thinking that it will be something that will never change. Well, sometimes things do change. With more acceptance of the transgender community, kids are more likely to come out, and they will often change their name while transitioning. For parents who support their children, this will mean getting laser tattoo removal.

People change their names for other reasons of course. Some kids might simply dislike the name they were given at birth, and after years of being teased, the first thing they do when they’re old enough is change it to something that holds fewer bad memories. Other times people will change their name to something less “ethnic” in fear of discrimination, or change their name to something more unique and “ethnic” to either honor their heritage or stand out.

Safety is essential when getting laser hair or tattoo removal treatments, something that Body Details True Laser Hair and Tattoo Removal takes very seriously. All laser tattoo removal treatments are performed by licensed medical laser technicians who are trained to use our specific equipment. See what Big Brother 15 Houseguest Amanda Zuckerman has to say about the safety of laser tattoo removal in this exclusive Body Details video:

While these are all great reasons to take the plunge and get rid of your old ink, the most common reason people look into laser tattoo removal is simply because they no longer like their tattoo. Don’t live with your unwanted ink. Today’s technology makes it easy, fast, and practically painless to fade almost any tat, and with so many reasonable payment options there’s truly nothing in your way. The sooner you start your sessions, the sooner you’ll be rid of your tattoo!

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