5 Reasons You Should Avoid At Home Waxing Kits & Strips

Waxing is a very common and messy way to keep an area hair-free. At-home waxing kits and strips are the logical extension of this service to the consumer. However, there are a number of troublesome elements concerning waxing that you should watch out for. First of all, waxing is not necessarily good for you, and in fact there is a multitude of disadvantages to it. Included among these disadvantages are cost, convenience, and safety.

Disadvantages of Waxing Strips

Waxing strips come with all sorts of problems, many of which are recurring. What are you going to do with the mess of waxing strips, the cost of buying them, and the pain and skin irritation they cause?

1. The Upkeep Is Frustrating and Causes Skin Irritation

Maintaining your waxed and hairless status can be a pain in more ways than one. Constantly dealing with hair growing back and needing to find the time for rewaxing is a hassle. Who wants to deal with the repeating need to touch up your waxed spots, and watch the hair grow back the instant you miss a waxing session? Not to mention the skin irritation and redness that occurs with waxing. Waxing tears at your skin and hair quite literally — oftentimes, leaving the skin red, sore, and irritated. This is combined with the fact that you have to wax constantly to maintain an area’s hairlessness, leading to repeated and chronic skin irritation.

2. Waxing Strips Are An Expensive Recurring Cost

Waxing strips are a repeating expense that you have to account for when budgeting. Good waxing kits are expensive, and that money goes from your pocket to the store where you buy your waxing supplies. Think of all you could do with the disposable income saved by not having to buy waxing kits. If you wax a significant portion of your body, the long-term costs can be enormous. This is not to even mention the ancillary costs associated with waxing, such as moisturizer for irritated skin as a result of waxing. The costs of waxing are numerous, both directly and indirectly. Getting rid of all your waxing strips and the constant need to repurchase them could save you a boatload, so why not do it?

3. Dangerous Chemicals In Waxing Strips

Many waxing strips contain dangerous contaminants such as oxybenzone, parabens, and some antioxidants. These chemicals can cause skin irritation and are toxic to the human body. Additionally, parabens have been somewhat connected to breast cancer and estrogenic activity in studies on humans. Why risk such toxic chemicals coming into contact with your skin repeatedly over time as with waxing? This is to not mention various other ingredients, which may not be explicitly toxic, that can cause irritation. For example, most commercial waxing kits contain Vitamin B3, which can trigger hyperpigmentation and other skin conditions. Why risk constantly exposing your body to these potentially harmful chemicals when there are other options? Check out Body Details for safe and effective laser hair removal treatment options, all of which are safe and approved by the FDA.

4. You Have To Let Your Stubble Grow Out

Another downside to waxing your hair is that you need to allow the stubble to grow out in order for it to be effective. This is most problematic for people that prefer to be hairless in their designated areas constantly. The wax needs a surface to grip, so it is necessary to grow the hair out somewhat in order for waxing to be effective. This naturally results in people who wax consistently needing to go around with stubble and hair growing out for a while until it is long enough to wax. This is not only unsightly but inconvenient as well. What if a person wants to remain truly hairless? Body Details has the solution for that!

5. Waxing Is Painful

After all, when you wax you are literally sticking your hair to a surface and then tearing it all out at once, so how could it not be painful? The pain and irritation from waxing is a constant feature in your life if you wax regularly, and even though you can somewhat get used to the pain, wouldn’t you rather just not experience it? Body Details hair removal is a permanent solution, that will replace your need for waxing strips in just a few quick sessions, at your convenience, and for basically the same monthly cost only once you’re done with your series of sessions, you will be done for good.

Why Laser Hair Removal Is A Better Option

Laser hair removal is a far superior option to at-home waxing kits and strips for a number of reasons, including safety, convenience, and cost. With laser hair removal, you avoid the need to expose yourself to the toxic chemicals in most commercial waxing products. LHR (laser hair removal) is a totally safe procedure. Using a specialized medical laser, Body Details will remove the hair from the desired area permanently. Now the next reason for LHR over at-home waxing. Laser hair removal is a permanent solution, whereas waxing has to be repeated regularly. You can say goodbye to all the problems of wax strips with Body Details True Laser® Centers hair removal!

If you get laser hair removal, in just a few short sessions you will no longer have a need to wax the chosen area ever again! Not to mention that Body Details has a Devil’s in the Details™ free lifetime guarantee, so you get as many treatments as you medically need in accordance with your agreements written terms and conditions for one all-inclusive price even if more treatments are needed: Body Details will perform them for free. Finally, the cost of laser hair removal is superior to at-home waxing. Body Details True Laser® hair removal is truly affordable, and you’ll save all that money you would otherwise be spending on expensive at-home waxing kits and strips. Laser hair removal is truly the best option for keeping an area completely hair-free. The results are permanent, the cost is minimal compared to a lifetime supply of waxing kits, and you’ll get to avoid the pain and hassle of buying and using at-home waxing strips.

Head to the Body Details website to schedule your free consultation. There, the medical staff will take care of you, and in just a few short sessions, your selected areas will be almost completely hair-free with a free lifetime guarantee.

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